Book Review–I Love I Hate I Miss My Sister by Amélie Sarn



This is the 90th book from my 114 in 2014 Reading Challenge.


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I Love I Hate I Miss My Sister by Amélie Sarn
Published March 9th, 2005 by Delacorte Press


Eighteen-year-old Sohane loves no one more than her beautiful, carefree younger sister, Djelila. And she hates no one as much. The two have always shared everything. But now, Djelila is embracing her life as a secular teen, and Sohane is becoming more religious.
Every choice has a price.

When Sohane starts wearing a head scarf, her school insists that she remove it or she’ll be expelled. Meanwhile, Djelila is repeatedly harassed by neighborhood bullies for not following Muslim customs. Sohane can’t help thinking that Djelila deserves what she gets. She never could have imagined just how far things would go.
I love I hate I miss my sister.

In the year following Djelila’s tragic death, Sohane struggles with her feelings of loss and guilt, revealing a complex relationship between two sisters, each girl’s path to self-discovery, and the consequences they face for being true to themselves.




I’m having mixed thoughts on this one, so I’m going to do a Pros and Cons list before summing up my overall rating:


* Interesting idea.
* Persuades discussion concerning freedom.
* Gives a good look at a different perspective (Non-White, Muslim POV).
* Based on true events.
* Intriguing relationship between two sisters.
* Nice character development for the sisters individually.


* Writing style did not appeal to me.
* At times the main character really got on my nerves.
* Plot seemed a little all over the place.
* Story moved slow in some areas, too fast in others.
* Book shorter than I would have liked.
* Not much character development outside the two sisters.

Overall, I just found this one to be “okay” though it is a good starting point concerning discussions on whether or not people should be allowed to express themselves, even when it is considered against the law. The love-hate relationship with the sisters was interesting but didn’t affect me nearly as much as I would have thought. I did like how Sohane came to her conclusion in the end.

Probably not one I would re-read, but would recommend for a younger reader interested in learning about what it is like to be a Muslim girl in France or reading about a conflicted sister story.










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