What I’m Working On: March 2015



Hey guys. So during the second week of March, my two-year-old Toshiba laptop died. And since it was going to cost half of what it cost to repair it (and a repair that wouldn’t guarantee more damage in the future), my fiance’ decided to get me a MacBook Air. Did I mention he’s the greatest?

Thankfully I’d thought to send the newest version of Our Reasons to myself via e-mail. Since we’re going to need an adapter to get my data off the computer. I’ve also thankfully sent The Birthday Bash to friends so I have a copy in my sent folder so I can work on the re-write/edit as planned for Camp NaNo, which is in a week and a few days.

Last Wednesday was #PitMad. I had a ton of fun with it and there were many cool entries. I probably retweeted about twenty or more, and mostly from people I’d never met. I also had five agents/agencies favorite mine. So far I’ve heard from three. Two rejections and one request for more pages. I’ve sent the pages. Fingers crossed!

If I don’t hear back in a few weeks, I plan to start querying. I’ve already got a list of agents/agencies to start with. If nothing comes of it, then I will post the entire story to Swoon Reads.

Other than that, I’ve started editing/re-writing Creeper. I’m thinking that the entire story collection will be finished by late August or early September. Hopefully. It’s a busy year for me–my fiance’ and I are looking into moving from our apartment, buying a home, and getting married later on in the year so it will definitely be interesting.

Next month Camp NaNo starts. I’m re-writing and editing The Birthday Bash so I can enter it into the next Twitter contest and also have another book to query. I can’t wait. It might be one of my favorites. During the month of April, I will only be posting Camp NaNo updates and book reviews so I can spend more time writing. Book vs Movie will resume in May. Hopefully I’ll have seen more movies by then.

Until next time!






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