What I’m Working On: March 2015 Update #2



Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of posts lately. It’s gotten busy here. Camp NaNo starts next week so I will only be posting occasional updates and Book Reviews. If you want to be more involved in my Camp NaNo stats, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

I haven’t been up to much lately except for a couple new parts of Creeper. I’m going to go ahead and put it on hold so I can prepare for Camp NaNo. Pretty excited!

Are you participating in Camp NaNo? If so, what is your book about? Would love to hear about it!

Until next time!






2 thoughts on “What I’m Working On: March 2015 Update #2

  1. I’m participating in Camp, too! I’m actually writing a script instead of a novel, and here’s the blurb I put on the novel info:

    “Ophélie d’Anjou lived a normal life as a princess of Gaule until dragons led by Vespasien invaded from the neighboring country of La Plaine. Following her mother’s death, she takes her family’s ancestral sword and flees Anjou with her childhood friend Émile and knight Michel, vowing to kill Vespasien and avenge her mother’s death.”

    1. Sounds great. I’ve never attempted an entire script (just a few scenes) before but it looks like fun. Best of luck with your goals. Happy writing! 🙂

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