Goals for 2016

I figured since today is the last day of 2015, I would list the goals I wish to accomplish. Not “resolutions”, which are usually not followed through on, but actual goals. I make goals for the day, week, and month so I see nothing wrong with making some for a new year.


2016 Writing/Reading Goals

1. Finish editing/re-writing Creeper. I have decided to put Creeper and I Know You Love Me and Recovery into one book as a novel with parts instead of a short story collection. That way I can try pitching and querying it.

2. Edit/re-write Evil in the Walls.


3. Edit/re-write Our Reasons.


4. Edit/Re-write The Birthday Bash.


5. Edit/re-write Cluttered.

6. Finish CHALTS.


7. Query/Enter Pitch Contests for Creeper, Evil in the Walls, Our Reasons, The Birthday Bash.


8. Read 100 books. (I got to 85 this year)
9. Read one “classic” book per month.

10. If unpublished, consider self-publishing.


11. Have a professional author website.

12. Be more active in blogging.

What are your writing and reading goals for 2016?




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