The Book vs the Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring



Book written by J. R. R. Tolkien, 1954
Movie directed by Peter Jackson, 2001


Synopsis from


The dark, fearsome Ringwraiths are searching for a Hobbit. Frodo Baggins knows that they are seeking him and the Ring he bears—the Ring of Power that will enable evil Sauron to destroy all that is good in Middle-earth. Now it is up to Frodo and his faithful servant, Sam, with a small band of companions, to carry the Ring to the one place it can be destroyed: Mount Doom, in the very center of Sauron’s realm.






Which I Viewed First: The movie.

Which I Enjoyed Most: The movie, though I really enjoyed the book.

Out of 5 stars, the Book Gets: 4 stars.

Out of 5 stars, the Movie Gets: 5 stars.

Things the Book Did Better: Obviously more detail than the movie, the character of Tom Bombadi (who isn’t in the movie), some of the perils feel more dangerous than in the movie, more back story, fates of some of the dwarves from The Hobbit are made clear, some of the settings seemed more beautiful, the scene with the hobbits and the farmer they’d once crossed (not in the movie) is one of my favorite parts.


Things the Movie Did Better:  The cast did an amazing job with the characters, the settings were brought to life, the story was less long-winded.


Verdict?: Movie.

Should the movie be re-made?: Nope.

What do you think? Agree, disagree? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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