A Confession

First of all, apologies for the hiatus. My computer stopped working on me and I just got it back a couple of days ago. I have all of next week off work though so expect some new posts!

After some serious thought, I have decided to post some of my work online again. Despite all the issues I had with some people (copyright & Goodreads listings), I miss having readers. While I have managed to find a few beta readers, it’s hard and so far I haven’t heard anything back from them yet. It’s killing me, but having just been a beta reader, I know it isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

So I will be posting a few of my finished and unfinished works soon. Anything that I am currently querying or revising will not be uploaded, but I have about four I’d like to add to the Wattpad community. Two will be stories I used to have up that people have been asking me to re-upload.

2016 has been a hard year writing and querying wise. I’m getting to the point to where I want to get my work published so bad and not too much is going regarding that. I’ve gotten some great feedback on one of my books, but the other two get requests for more material only to be told it doesn’t seem marketable to the requesting agents. It’s disheartening.

While I am considering self-publishing, I want to be sure before doing it. I’ve pretty much given up my childhood dreams of being as recognizable as R.L. Stine and while it hurts, growing up often does. While making a living off something I love doing is always a dream, I’ve always wanted readers more. It’s a struggle to want readers yet still stand out in a world of millions of authors. But the drive to get published is beginning to take the fun out of writing, and that is something I can not allow.

I have been writing stories since I was eight years old and making them up for as long as I can remember. It will always be a part of me. Even when I’m not writing, I’m still making up stories, even if it’s just about the motives of everyday people I pass on the street. To have writing become a chore rather than passion would be worse than never becoming a published author.

Maybe having readers again will also help me to become more inspired. Lately I just haven’t been feeling it and I feel like not having readers and the weight of rejection in the publishing world are playing big roles in that. So if you want to check out my work, please follow me on Wattpad and you will be notified when I begin posting. I’ll probably also post updates on my Facebook, Twitter, and on here as well though you will have to sign up to read everything.

And if you have any tips or similar stories to what I’m currently facing, I’d love to hear about it.




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