The Book VS the Movie: Something Wicked This Way Comes


Book written by Ray Bradbury, 1962
Movie directed by Jack Clayton, 1983

Synopsis from

A carnival rolls in sometime after the midnight hour on a chill Midwestern October eve, ushering in Halloween a week before its time. A calliope’s shrill siren song beckons to all with a seductive promise of dreams and youth regained. In this season of dying, Cooger & Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show has come to Green Town, Illinois, to destroy every life touched by its strange and sinister mystery.

And two inquisitive boys standing precariously on the brink of adulthood will soon discover the secret of the satanic raree-show’s smoke, mazes, and mirrors, as they learn all too well the heavy cost of wishes – and the stuff of nightmare.





Which I Viewed First: The book.

Which I Enjoyed Most: The book.

Out of 5 stars, the Book Gets: 4.5 stars.

Out of 5 stars, the Movie Gets: 3.5 stars.

Things the Book Did Better: Story itself was better, darker, things felt more dire & horrifying, characters were deeper, great scenes such as the dust witch on the roof & Will’s father shooting at her were not in the movie.

Things the Movie Did Better:  Seeing the mirror maze and carnival helped paint a better picture in my head, casting overall good, outcome of some of the characters was a little less depressing than in the novel.

Verdict?: Book.

Should the movie be re-made?: Yes–I’d love to see a darker version. This was dark for a Disney movie, but didn’t quite capture the mood as much as I’d hoped.

What do you think? Agree, disagree? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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