Cover Reveal: Clara and Claire by Lindsey Richardson

Hey guys, today I have an exciting cover reveal to share with you! Take a look at this beauty as well as the intriguing sounding synopsis!



Clara and Claire by Lindsey Richardson

Release date: December 2016 **actual date TBA soon!

Cover designer: Alivia Anders of White Rabbit Book Design

Betrayal wears many masks. Sometimes… familiar ones.

On the night of her 20th birthday, Clara Nasso witnesses an illegal act of magic. The following morning, two lives are changed forever.

When Claire Kanelos, daughter of the head counselor, disappears from the island of Ninomay, Clara is kidnapped and taken there by a council member. Her unmistakable resemblance to the missing woman, and the disturbing facts that come to light, convince Clara to stay and play the role of Claire –at first, for one night only, and then indefinitely.

Though Clara grew up hearing stories about the rich and powerful mages that filled Ninomay, all she finds there are liars and mysteries. And Ezra, the only person who can see through her disguise. He promises to help her return home, but how can Clara leave when secrets are unraveled every day and a killer might walk freely?

When she might be the key to Claire’s survival?


If you’re intrigued by the cover and synopsis, check out Lindsey Richardson’s website for more details on this book as well as her other works.






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