The Book Vs the Movie (TV Show): Dexter (Conclusion with Spoilers!)



Two years ago, I did a book vs movie/tv show post on the first three Dexter books vs. the television series. This year my goal was to finally finish the book series to see what direction it went in and I have so many feelings on it that I felt the need to do an updated post on it.

This post will have SPOILERS for the Dexter books and TV show so please don’t read any further unless you don’t mind being spoiled or have seen both. I highly recommend watching the show and reading the books because they are completely differently from one another for the most part. Also, if you dig audiobooks, the author narrates his own and actually reminded me a lot of Michael C. Hall so I highly recommend those.







Book series started in 2004 by Jeff Lindsay

TV series started in 2006 by James Manos, Jr.



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Source: ebay


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Which I Viewed First: The TV show.

Which I Enjoyed Most: The TV show BUT I liked the ending of the book series better. While it was sad to see Dexter die, it seemed more fitting than him living a mundane life away from anyone he loved or cared about.

Out of 5 stars, the Book Series Gets: I would give the overall book series 4 stars. The first two books were good, the third was awful, the fourth was good, I loved the fifth and sixth, was not a fan of the seventh, and the eighth was pretty good and almost redeemed itself from the previous book.

Out of 5 stars, the TV Show Gets: 4.5 stars because that ending still pisses me off. I guess I felt Deb deserved a better ending than that. It just felt sloppy and unauthentic.

Things the Book Did Better: Getting inside Dexter’s head, giving an alternate universe, the ending. The plots in the fifth and sixth books were also really good and I would have loved to seen them in the show somehow.

Things the TV Show Did Better: The overall plot, minus the ending, & the cast, especially Micheal C. Hall. I also liked that the show put more focus on Dexter’s co-workers than the book series did. I also prefer the TV show’s ending for Rita.

Verdict?: The TV Show.

Why?: Although the book series was really good, it didn’t draw me nearly as much as the show did. I think part of it is because of how well Michael C. Hall plays Dexter but another is that the storyline itself really is interesting and intricate, at least until the last season and the ending, which felt rushed, sloppy, and ill fitting.

Should the TV Show be re-made or a movie made?: Nah.

What do you think? Agree, disagree? Would love to hear your thoughts!




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