2017 Writing Goals

Last year was not a great year overall when it came to writing. I’m pretty sure the only major achievement was writing Not My Fault for NaNoWriMo, and starting on the re-write of Creeper. I miss writing and need to make more time for it. I’m hoping that I will be ready to begin thinking about publishing this year or next. Whether it’s traditional or self-published will just depend on how the year goes.

My goals for 2017:

* Finish Creeper re-write.

* Continue to enter Twitter writing events such as Pitch Wars, Pitch Madness, #PitMad, etc.

*  Re-write Whispertown.

*  Re-write/edit Our Reasons.

* Re-write/edit Evil in the Walls.

* Write something new

* Begin researching serious publishing options
Those are going to be my main goals this year. I really want to work on fine-tuning these stories and hopefully find a publisher for at least one of them. If not, then I will more than likely look into self-publishing.

I’m sure most writers have fantasized about becoming famous because of their books and I’m no exception, but over the last few years that dream has changed. Now my only wish is to share my stories with the world and see them on bookshelves, whether on readers or those in stores. I miss readers so much.

Hopefully 2017 will be a more productive writing & editing year than 2016 was!




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