February Book Haul

My goal for 2017 is to try and buy less books overall and to try to buy more that I will read this year. Here’s how I did this month.

I couldn’t resist these from Book Outlet. I’ve seen the Arabian Nights book for $20 at my local used bookstore and have been eying it for about two years. So when I saw it for about $2, I just had to buy it. No regrets, though I probably won’t get to it until maybe next year.

Dracula is on my list of classics to read this year, and I also plan to read Harry, A History.

I want the entire Puffin Bloom collection and already have two so when I saw Heidi, of course I had to get it, especially for $6-7. I’m only missing one more now.  I also grabbed Roadwork because it was a really good deal and has been one of the hardest to find. So I really had no regrets over this order at all!

This is a mix of books from Goodwill and my library’s outlet store. I already owned The Regulators in paperback but have been looking to update to hardbacks when I can. So I will be taking the paperback edition to the used bookstore and keeping this one. I probably won’t read any of the others this year but they were all too good of a deal ($1-2 each). The brown one is for my “pretty books” shelf.

Another Book Outlet haul but I only got it because I actually plan to read the Mara Wilson book this year and actually just finished Deadly (my library didn’t have the last three books in the PLL series). I love these Christmas book editions and have one so I decided to grab this one as well. If I have time, I might re-read this classic story.

This month’s Owlcrate theme was Circus so of course I had to get it. While I guessed the book and have already read it (an ARC), I was still really happy with this box. I will be giving the ARC Review copy of Caraval away soon so someone else can enjoy it.

So that’s fourteen books. Two are books I have already read and plan to replace & four-five that I will be reading this year. Not too bad.

How many books did you get this month and which ones are you most excited about?


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