VCA Recaps: Fallen Hearts Part 1

So if you aren’t aware, I decided to revisit some of my favorite books and series this year. One series I decided I wanted to re-read was the Casteel series, as it’s my favorite.
I’ve read the first two so far and after I finished them, I found this wonderful recap site called VC Andrews Project–All the Trigger Warnings Apply. The Dollanganger series, My Sweet Audrina, and the first two Casteel books are covered. I was sad that she didn’t continue (though I also understand).

So I thought maybe I would do my own version for the books she hasn’t covered in a similar sort of snark. I highly recommend checking out her site. It’s clear that while she loves the books, she also highlights some of the troubling issues with healthy doses of snark.

Fallen Hearts Recap Part 1


There will possibly be spoilers for future books as well as definite ones for past books and the current one so please do not read on if you do not wish to be spoiled. There may also be swearing so if that bothers you, you may want to move on. Thanks.
OK, moving on.

Can you believe FH used to be my favorite VCA novel because for whatever reason, I really liked Logan Stonewall? Bleh. Maybe I was a little too connected to Heaven because now I think he’s such a hypocritical douche.

Thankfully Dark Angel has been my favorite for years, with Heaven right after. So far DA is still my favorite. And since VCA died before this novel was finished, a good chunk of it is probably ghostwritten, if not all of it. It’s hard to tell because he used to be pretty good with the books.

Fallen Hearts picks up about two years where Dark Angel ended. Heaven is back in Winnerow, living in the updated cabin since her Grandpa is gone, and is a teacher just like she always vowed she would be. It still kind of bothers me that Miss Deale basically vanished off the face of the Earth since Heaven. You’d think that someone would know something about her when the townsfolk like to gossip so much?

There’s also a letter at the very beginning of the book, addressed to “Pa” in which Heaven is asking Luke Casteel to walk her down the aisle at her and Logan’s wedding. It’s written very oddly considering Heaven’s level of education so I’m not sure if it was ever edited.

She says “Pa” quite a lot in it, though I suppose it could also be her way of continuing to seek his forgiveness. She wants to let bygones be bygones and while it’s nice that she’s over the revenge stage, I also wouldn’t blame her if she still held a grudge. Luke Casteel was awful once Leigh died. Before, even, considering Tom’s conception.

Heaven is also seeing Logan Stonewall and the moment their “courtship” began is revealed to us. While I went from loving Logan to despising him, he’s all right in the beginning of this at least. I guess Troy was right about Logan realizing what he’d lost after all. It would have been nice to see some kind of apology from Logan concerning how he acted toward Heaven in the last two books, but she’s happy so I’m happy. And maybe he did apologize behind the scenes. Who knows.

Not sure if his speech is cute or completely corny, but—

“No, Heaven. It’s I who should thank you for being as beautiful and lovely as I remember you. It’s as if—“ he looked around, searching for the words—“as if time stood still for us and everything that we thought happened since was only a dream. Now we are waking up and once again you are here, I am here with you, and I have your hand in mine. I’ll never let it go again,” he vowed.

Maybe that’s his idea of an apology, or at least a truce in which he never wants to bring up the past in which he was a jealous dick and that Heaven dared to see other people when he left her. Ignorance is bliss. Heaven has decided to forgive and is learning to trust him, which is honestly more than he deserves. But good for you, Heaven.

One morning Logan shows up at the cabin with a surprise for Heaven. She keeps her eyes closed all the way to the Stonewall Pharmacy, which she knows by smell. Logan has her sit at the counter and when she opens her eyes, there’s a big rainbow ice cream castle with whipped cream, cherries, and other sweets.

I did kinda giggle at Heaven’s response.

“Logan,” I declared, “it’s beautiful. But if I eat that, I’ll be three hundred pounds in an hour. Then will you still love me?”

Um, he damn well better. Logan goes into a speech about how it isn’t for eating (what a waste, I am surprised Heaven doesn’t give him hell for that considering how much she compared the nice things she had to how much it would give the hill children back home in Dark Angel) and how it’s meant to represent the kind of castle he can give her since he doesn’t have the riches of Farthinggale Manor.

It’s clear Logan is still intimidated by that place. Heaven must have kept pretty closed lipped about her experiences there too or he would know she wasn’t as fond of that place as he thinks she is.

Anyway, after that he gets down on one knee and asks Heaven to marry him and while I’m Team Troy and know Logan is just going to break her poor heart, it’s a really sweet scene, especially what happens when she says yes.

Suddenly applause broke out around us, as all the customers beamed their happy smiles on us, the newly engaged. Logan turned beet red and dropped my hand, just as I was about to embrace him.
“Here, Heaven,” he said, popping a cherry into my mouth, trying to cover his embarrassment at the public spectacle we were making. Then he pecked me on the cheek. “I love you forever,” he whispered.

LIAR! Well, maybe he does love Heaven forever but he sure does have a funny way of showing it later on. You’ll see. I haven’t read this one in a long time but I have a pretty vivid recollection of the major points in this book and Logan definitely goes back to being the worst later on.

Heaven prepares for the wedding, deciding that Fanny will be her maid-of-honor. Brave move on her part. Fanny cracks me up and I do like her as a character, but she is definitely not to be taken lightly. You just know she’s going to make some kind of the scene at the wedding. Especially considering she still has the hots for Logan.

She later goes to see Fanny even though they apparently haven’t seen one another in a few years. Fanny is seeing Randall Wilcox, the son of the town lawyer. He sounds very strange looking and not Fanny’s type at all.

Of course Fanny is her usual self about Heaven, complaining that she rarely talks to her and while her eyes light up when Heaven asks her to be her MOH, she’s like “I just can’t say yet, Heaven darlin’. I got a full schedule of ma own.”

Dramatic as usual. And of course— “Is it gonna be a faincy weddin’?”

I love Heaven’s response. “The fanciest.”

“And are ya gonna buy yer lovin’ sista a really fancy expensive dress? And will ya take me to the city to pick it out?”

After Fanny asserts that her new boytoy is also invited, Heaven also sends an invite to Pa, asking him if he would do her the honor of walking her down the aisle. She still wants Luke Casteel’s approval and is very torn on her real father and all the stuff he did not only to her mother but poor Troy as well.

Oh, honey.

Heaven’s students give her a sweet gift on her last day of school that she tells them she will treasure above any other wedding gift.

On the morning of her wedding (!), Heaven gets a letter from Luke Casteel saying he will be unable to come to the wedding because of the circus business but wishes her and Logan well. It’s a short response and poor Heaven is all over herself about it. Who the hell waits that long to reply back on something so important? Luke Casteel, you suck.

Finally Heaven is all like “well Luke Casteel gave me away a long time ago anyway so I will give myself away.” Yes!

The wedding ceremony happens and it’s kinda boring, honestly. Heaven has creepy Reverend Wise do the vows because she wants to prove him wrong about a bunch of nonsense he told her in the last book.

To make the hill folks feel welcome, not only does Heaven have them and the town folk all mixed together in seating but she also has the music set to what they can dance to. Soon enough everyone is having a great time until Fanny decides it’s time to show her ass.

“Make way for the sister-in-lore, for the best lady!” Fanny shouted for all to hear. She threw her arms around Logan’s neck and pressed her bosom into his chest, placed her hands on his buttocks and began whirling my astonished Logan across the dance floor.
When the music stopped, she announced, “I guess it’s time to kiss the husband, this time,” and with that I saw her tongue slither out between her lips and thrust itself into Logan’s mouth.
Finally Logan yanked himself away from her graspwut Fanny’s laugh rang out above the music, tolling its alarm to warn me.

Usual Heaven foreshadowing about not letting Fanny spoil things, which you know she later does.


Chapter 1 was really long but a lot happened. Next newly married Heaven and Logan are off to see Tony and Farthinggale Manor!


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