VCA Recaps: Fallen Hearts Part 2

To read Part 1, go here.

This recap will consist of chapters 2 & 3.

Heaven and Logan act like the newlyweds they were on the plane ride to Boston. Tony is there to meet them despite Heaven thinking he would just send Miles. It doesn’t make much sense considering he and Jillian showed up the first time.

For a moment Heaven’s blonde hair confuses Tony with her mother but he quickly recovers and greets Logan. Heaven is nervous about returning to Farthy even though she tries to channel the excitement she’d felt when she first saw it. Logan more than makes up for her lack of excitement. It’s hard to tell what Tony thinks about Logan at this moment.

They arrive at Farthy and Logan continues to be wowed. Heaven can’t help but think of Troy briefly before chastising herself for it. Poor girl. She and Logan head up to her old suites, which Logan cannot get over.

“You did live like a princess,” he said. “I can’t believe you gave all this up to live in a cabin in the Willies.”

Heaven tries to get Logan to take the hint that she’s ready for the honeymoon to begin **wink wink** but he’s still too taken with the house to get her meaning. Or maybe he’s playing dumb. So he goes to find Tony while Heaven sits down and has a little laugh about being jealous of a house.
Heaven then gets dressed and goes to visit with Jillian, who has gotten worse since last we saw her.

She looked like a circus clown. Her hair was dyed a bright yellow and stuck up in thin, stiff strands. Her face looked like cracked porcelain, her cheeks blotched with bright red rouge. Eyeliner was slashed across her lids, the line drooping at the crinkly corners of her eyes. Her lipstick was thick, vibrant, caked at the corners of her mouth.

Yikes. There’s no mirror but that doesn’t stop Jillian from seeing her reflection. She’s back to pretending and insists Heaven is Leigh. She basically slut shames her for provoking her husband’s desires. -eyeroll- Heaven is infuriated about that (you go, girl!) but Jillian is too deep in her fantasy to listen.

When she tries to talk to Martha Goodman, the woman watching over Jillian, Martha explains that it’s all right and that Jillian is no harm to herself. Doctors had suggested that Jillian be institutionalized but Tony wouldn’t hear of it. I find it interesting that Tony would do this when he’s previously wished he could leave Jillian but I suppose a part of him must still care for her. Or maybe he delights in seeing what she has become.

Heaven returns to her room and looks through her mother’s photos, feeling torn on whether her mother was innocent or not and what that means for her. Logan finally returns and they begin their honeymoon with gentle lovemaking. Heaven is determined that this kind of love is what she needs, not the passion she had with Troy.

Chapter 3 begins with Heaven waking in an empty bed. She is disappointed because she wanted to wake up with her new husband and watch his morning rituals. Instead Logan has gone to the Tatterton Toy factory with Tony.

She hears commotion from  Jillian’s suites and learns from Martha that Jillian believes Heaven and Logan’s wedding reception is meant for her. Heaven then has a brief visit with Rye Whiskey, who is still seeing ghosts and throws salt over his shoulder when he sees her looking so much like her mother.

After having breakfast alone, Heaven wanders outside where people are preparing for the reception. She decides to go down to the beach to say goodbye to Troy. Logan arrives very excited, taking Heaven into Tony’s office. Logan then breaks the news that Tony wants him to be his vice-president of marketing because he kept suggesting so many good ideas. Poor Logan, you just got played.

Heaven is annoyed that Tony is back to meddling in her life and asks Logan what about his family’s pharmacy and insists on keeping her teaching position. Logan then explains that she doesn’t have to give that up, that Tony has a plan. He then tells Heaven that Tony wants to build a factory in Winnerow and hire the local artisans there to make toys inspired by the Willies.

Tony is so good at keeping Heaven under his thumb and while part of her fears this, the poor girl just wants to be proven wrong. Logan explains how this will help the poorer people of Winnerow, a weakness of Heaven’s.

“Isn’t it a wonderful idea? We’re going to call the new set ‘The Willies,’ and just think of the irony…rich people buying replicas of the poor and the money finding its way into the pockets of the poor folks who will work in the Tatterton Toy Factory.”

Oh yes, they know exactly which buttons to push.

As Heaven thinks about this idea, Logan also suggests they skip their next destination to Virginia Beach and remain at Farthy for the rest of their honeymoon since everything they could want is already there.

When Heaven asks where they will stay, Tony chooses that moment to enter the room.

“You’ll live here, of course. Sorry to interrupt, but I came in to get something and just overhead your last question.”

Sure you did, Tony. You weren’t listening outside the door the entire time, right?

He then shows her and Logan a suite of rooms that used to belong to his grandparents. They have been renovated and remodeled to appeal to Heaven. She realizes he must have been working on this project for a while. When she questions this, Tony basically says that if they decide to decline, the rooms are theirs for when they visit. Heaven tells Tony that she will need some time to think about everything.

“Don’t be angry with me, Heaven, for caring about you and wanting you to be happy.”

Ugh, creepy Tony.

Once Tony is gone, Heaven turns to Logan and asks him if he knew about this plan all along. Logan denies it and can’t seem to understand Heaven’s hesitation toward all of this. I feel like even if Heaven told Logan everything, he still wouldn’t completely get it.

Next time, Heaven and Logan have their wedding reception and begin making plans for the future Tony is driving them toward.



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