VCA Recaps: Fallen Hearts Part 3

Parts 1 and 2.

This recap will cover Chapter 4 and 5.


Chapter 4 begins with the arrival of all of the fancy guests Tony has invited to Heaven and Logan’s wedding reception. Our Jane and Keith are there as well, bringing joy to Heaven. Heaven feels a bit left out when Tony takes her husband to meet people.

Later on Tony and Heaven dance and of course he has to say creepy, controlling things to her.

“Having all of this is meaningless unless you have someone you love with whom to share it. Will you share it with me, Heaven?”

That sounds more like what a man should say to his wife rather than to your daughter…just saying, Tony.

Heaven agrees after seeing how happy Logan looks.

“It’s all just beginning,” he whispered. “Just beginning. I want to do so much more for you, Heaven. If only you’ll let me.”

At this point Tony is holding Heaven so closely that she’s creeped out and feeling claustrophobic by his need. Creepy foreshadowing?

When Tony is making a toast to Heaven and Logan, Jillian of course chooses to come out wearing her wedding gown and clown makeup, thanking everyone for coming to her wedding and how happy Tony makes her, yadda yadda. She even seems to get a little mad when Martha whispers something to her.

“This is my wedding, this is my special day. These people came to see me! They came to be witness to my wedding, to my everlasting devotion to Tony Tatterton…and I know, I know that his love for me will always remain true.”

Then all the strength seems to leave her and Martha leads her back to her seat. Tony presents Heaven and Logan with a fancy Rolls-Royce with ribbons wrapped all over it and Logan is insanely happy about it. Too happy about it.

“Oh, Heaven,” he said, “I don’t think it’s possible to to be any happier than I am at this moment.”

Ouch. And Heaven’s like “I hope so, Logan. I hope so.”

She thinks about just how easily it is to please Logan.

Jillian interrupts again to thank Tony for such a wonderful ceremony. People are staring but he just plays it cool as he escorts her back to her table. Heaven goes after him and asks why he is allowing Jillian to embarrass herself in front of everyone like this.

Tony tells Heaven that she isn’t embarrassed and that he can’t bear to have her locked away. He goes on to talk about how she was once very beautiful and precious to him, like a fine, hand-painted piece of china. Wow, Tony. Wow. And how she was so vain about her beauty and now she has eternal youth and beauty through her madness.

When Heaven asks what about when Jillian sees her, Tony doesn’t seem concerned. He says Jillian will simply think she’s Leigh.

“I’ll never forget how beautiful she looked that day,” Tony says about Leigh on his wedding day. Creepy.

Heaven and Logan cut the cake and while it is beautiful, Heaven thinks more fondly on Logan’s ice cream castle as their wedding cake. Keith and Our Jane say goodbye and Logan is like, “You really love them, don’t you?” You have no clue, do you, Logan?

Heaven and Logan retreat to their new suites. Tony is away for a while after that so the newlyweds can enjoy their honeymoon. Heaven has a fleeting memory of Troy when she and Logan are in the stables but she pushes it away as she Logan do many activities on the grounds.

While the two are enjoying their honeymoon, Heaven is trying to push away her nagging dread concerning their future with Tatterton Toys, and with Tony.

“I hope we honeymoon forever at Farthy,” Logan replied, eying me with such obvious romance, I had to blush.
Tony grinned. “Keep every day a honeymoon, eh, Logan? That’s the way to keep a marriage happy. But now we have a bit of work to do.” How eager Tony was to claim Logan’s attention for business again.

Tony then tasks Heaven with picking out where the factory in Winnerow should go. Logan and Heaven pack up a few things for their short return to Winnerow.

Right away they go to Logan’s parents to tell them the news. They are not happy at first but once Logan explains how much money will be involved and how it will help the community, they are on board. Heaven notices his mom looking at her with a new sort of respect, like she is realizing how much better off her son is with Heaven than he would have been with one of the town girls.

For whatever reason, Heaven leaves her teaching position. Did I miss something? All her life Heaven has wanted to be the next Miss Deale and now she’s giving up? I feel like this may be where the ghostwriter picked up because I expected much more of a fight from Heaven regarding this. Why can’t she be a teacher and be on the board for Winnerow’s factory at the same time?

Heaven finds the perfect location for the factory and rushes to the cabin to tell Logan. She knows there is going to be trouble when she sees her sister Fanny’s car in the driveway. Sure enough, when Heaven enters the cabin, Fanny is standing in front of Logan only wearing a towel and him pleading with her that she can’t be acting this way.

Logan doesn’t seem to protest nearly as much as he should. If it had been Troy Tatterton, he would have demanded Fanny to leave the house. Grow a back bone, Logan. Thankfully Heaven has one as she confronts Fanny, who apparently came to use their shower. She claimed she didn’t know they were back and acts hurt that Heaven didn’t call her.

While Fanny goes to get dressed, Heaven sends Logan on his way and waits to talk to Fanny. Fanny emerges in an outfit clearly for Logan, disappointed when she discovers he has left. Heaven then lectures Fanny on her behavior.

Of course Fanny has to make a guilt trip about Heaven going to live in that fancy mansion and how she is stuck in Winnerow and how Heaven didn’t get Darcy back even though she could have if she’d just thrown more money at the Wises. She brings up Heaven’s promise way back when to always look out for her and how she let Pa sell her (despite Fanny being super happy about it at the moment…).

Usually Fanny entertains me but in this moment I just wish Heaven would kick her out. Fanny even insists that she come live at Farthy so she can find her an old rich sugar daddy. What in the hell happened to you, Fanny? It makes me so sad.

Heaven finally tells Fanny she has to go even though Fanny says they aren’t done talking. As she drives off, she feels sorry for Fanny and wonders if she will ever be capable of true love.

Perhaps Fanny wasn’t capable of that kind of love. Maybe that was what she had inherited from our hard life in the Willies.


In Chapter 5, Heaven shows Logan the land she found for the factory and within no time Tony sends the money for them to buy it. The town starts buzzing with the anticipation of the construction. Heaven and Logan return to Farthy. Tony continues to take Logan’s attention away from his wife.
I wasn’t sure I liked what Tony was doing. In a way he was making Logan over into his own image, and Logan, so infatuated with Tony and with himself too, by now, was easy clay to ply and mold.

Heaven later finds Martha Goodman to be very distressed because Jillian’s attitude has changed.When she goes to see her, Jillian has no makeup on, is wearing black, and staring out of the window toward the maze. She recognizes Heaven for who she really is but keeps talking about ghosts and her regrets.
When Tony and Logan head into Boston to do business without telling Heaven, she decides to go out for a walk and finds herself going through the maze. She sees Jillian watching from her window. As Heaven weaves her way through the maze, she thinks back to the first time she entered it, and of course how she had met Troy.

Surprised at how well kept the grounds outside of the cottage look, Heaven goes inside the cottage and finds it looking just like it had when Troy had still been living there. She gets spooked by a creaking floor board and her own memories, fleeing to the maze. She somehow manages to get lost and gets angry with herself for being so stupid.

She hears a noise and finds an elderly man clipping the hedge. After a short scare, he kindly helps her find her way back out. As Logan prepares for dinner, Heaven hunts Tony down and confronts him about Jillian’s current state and Martha’s distress. Tony agrees to allow a doctor to come and prescribe the best treatment for her.

Then Heaven asks about Troy’s cottage and Tony admits how much he misses his brother. She lightly touches the piano keys before joining Tony and Logan for dinner.


Next Jillian’s doctor comes to make his diagnosis, Tony is creepy some more, and Heaven encounters a ghost.



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