VCA Recaps: Fallen Hearts Part 4

Parts 1, 2, and 3.

This recap will cover Chapter 6 & 7.

Jillian’s doctor comes and decides she’s in pretty good health for the most part and prescribes her some tranquilizers. Heaven meets with an architect who shows her a model of the new Winnerow factory, which has been styled to look like a log cabin.

Logan begins to do a lot of traveling between Boston and Winnerow to get the factory going.  Tony finally convinces Heaven to go to a show with him while Logan is away. Tony of course is creepy when it comes to how she looks.

“I . . . there’s no color more flattering to you than black. It’s the same with your grandmother. My God, Heaven, you’re absolutely breathtaking. Your grandmother was beautiful; your mother was more beautiful; but you are the most beautiful.”

… Right.

Then, as if that isn’t creepy enough, he gives Heaven a diamond necklace and earrings that belonged to Jillian to borrow and puts the necklace on for her.

“Behold, how you flatter the diamonds and not vice versa,” he said. The glittering stones felt warm against my skin and revived that tingling in the small of my stomach. I held my breath as Tony ran his fingers over the diamonds, his blue eyes sparkling almost as brightly.


When creep dad finally goes away, Heaven looks at her reflection in the mirror before worrying that she is becoming as vain as Jillian. Oh honey, if you are worrying about it, you have no problem.

Heaven and Tony have a wonderful time at the play. They talk about happiness on the ride home and Tony says that while money can’t buy you happiness, you can buy away unhappiness by making your life more comfortable.

Heaven asks like what he’s done with Jillian and he says yes. Then:

“And what you’ve done with me.”
“What do you mean?”
“Buying Logan,” I said. I said it simply, matter-of-factly, as if it were something too obvious to deny.

When Tony begins to protest, Heaven is quick to assure him that it doesn’t matter and that she must want the life he is offering. She hopes that it will have a happy ending and Tony promises it will.

After Tony and Heaven have a glass of brandy, she retreats to bed while Tony sits there staring at the fire. On her way to her suite, she runs into Martha, who is worried about Jillian. Apparently the bad weather is making her convinced she can hear her horse, Abdulla Bar, galloping and whinnying around the house. Heaven comforts Martha before retreating to her room.

Heaven falls asleep as the storm outside brews but later wakes up when she hears someone open the door. She sees a dark figure but they flee before she can do anything. The carpet is damp outside of the room. Heaven locks the door and goes back to sleep. In the morning she wonders if it was all just a dream until she sees the locked door and the mud in the hallway.

She asks Curtis about it, who seems spooked, and Rye, who seems even more so. Heaven tries to accuse him of scaring everyone with his stories but he points out that she saw the ghost, too.

Later Heaven goes out to the cottage and she notices that someone has been there recently. Sure that Tony has been keeping a new artisan in his dead brother’s cottage, she goes down into the tunnel when she finds the door to it ajar. She is determined to find this artisan. Finally she finds him and although he tries to hide his appearance, Heaven sees his face as he extinguishes her candle.

It’s Troy!

In chapter seven, Heaven relights her candle and stares at Troy. She is almost hysterical because he is supposed to be dead! He takes her back to the cottage to explain. Everything that Tony had told Heaven was true, aside from finding Troy’s body (plot hole?). When Troy realized that he had survived against his best efforts to drown in the ocean, he decided to fake his death.

When Heaven asks Troy why he would cause her and Tony so much pain in allowing them to believe he had died, he points out that if he hadn’t, Heaven may have never moved on.

“Don’t you see, Heaven, you’ve pulled your life together and done significant things. Perhaps if you thought I was still alive, if I had continued to live here in the cottage, you would have never left Farthy. Perhaps you would be like Jillian. I don’t know. I thought I was doing what was best for both of us. I hope you will come to believe that. It would be too painful for me to have you hate me now.”

Oh, Troy. He really is so selfless that he would “die” in order for the love of his life to move on!

When Heaven asks what he did with himself after his “death”, Troy explains that he traveled for a while to keep his mind off of her but he eventually returned to Farthy. He admits that he spied on Logan and Heaven during their honeymoon. A part of me wonders if he saw them making love in that cove. -grin- It’s a bit creepy but at least Troy admits that it was wrong.

Troy then tells Heaven that Jillian saw him and thought he was a ghost. He seems to feel bad that he may have played a part in Jillian losing what was left of her sanity. Jillian’s talk helped Tony recently discover that Troy was still alive and promised not to tell Heaven. In return, Troy was supposed to stay away from her but he wasn’t able to.

Troy tells Heaven that he didn’t want to ruin her marriage or her life. They talk more about Jillian and finally Troy admits that he doesn’t care that she has gone mad. He doesn’t wish her any more harm but finds what happened to her to be poetic justice and that he doesn’t feel sorry for her after all the harm she’s caused him. You go, Troy!

Heaven and Troy have a moment in which they desperately want to kiss.

“Oh Heaven,” Troy said, as if he could read my thoughts and understand. “Why is it that for us to be happy, so many others must be made unhappy?”

Troy apologizes for being too weak to stay hidden because he doesn’t want to cause Heaven any pain. Heaven insists that she isn’t in pain and promises that she won’t be.

Troy tells Heaven that he will be leaving soon so she can continue her life.  I am so Team Troy but I also hate cheating so I feel very conflicted right now. Troy feels the same.

“If I kiss you I’ll never let you go and we’ll only bring about more sadness and tragedy, for you’ll be losing a life and a marriage that promises to be productive and replacing it with a forbidden, sinful love that leads to nothing but our own selfish pleasures. You know that as well as I do.”

He opens the door for her and she leaves, running madly through the maze and feeling like Abdulla Bar did on the day he hurled himself and Troy into the ocean! So dramatic.

Once she returns to the house, Heaven wants nothing more than to just lay down but of course Logan has been calling. He tells her that he can’t make it back tomorrow like they had planned. Heaven assures him that it is fine even though she is still feeling upset from her encounter with Troy.

She stays in her suite all day and Tony comes by with concern. Heaven tells him that she has a head cold. She tries to keep her mind full of memories of Logan from when they first met because she insists that first loves are a very powerful thing.

Memories of her and Troy sneak in, though, starting with how Troy was there for her graduation. Poor Heaven breaks down in her bed, wondering how she can let Troy go for a second time?

Next, Heaven struggles with temptation and a tragedy occurs (because this is a VCA novel!).


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