VCA Recaps: Fallen Hearts Part 5

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

This recap will cover Chapter 8, 9, and 10.


Around two in the morning, Heaven is sure she hears piano music from downstairs. She pulls on a robe and slippers to investigate but of course there is nothing. She goes through the tunnel and imagines different people’s faces warning her against going to Troy, though Fanny is all for it.

Her candle snuffs out when she gets to the door that leads to the cottage and of course Troy is awake and waiting though he tells her that she shouldn’t have come.

“You should turn back before it’s too late,” he whispered, but his eyes belied his words.
“It’s already too late,” I insisted, putting all my love and passion into a raspy voice.
“We must not do this,” he said, but he pulled me closer to him and caught me up in his arms and pressed me against him. “Oh, Heaven, how can I turn you away?” He swung me up into his arms and carried me to his bed.

Troy has always been good at carrying Heaven to his bed! He continues to weakly protest but of course, as usual Heaven persuades him otherwise. I’m pretty sure this is ghostwritten because these lines seem copied from Dark Angel and he is fond of copying and pasting (something I have noticed in later books).

They have the most intense lovemaking ever and have a hard time coming back to reality. I can’t really blame them. It even brings tears to Heaven’s eyes.

“Oh, Troy,” I whispered, “I’ve dreamed of you, longed for this moment so much.”
He kissed me deeply. “I love you still, Heaven. Still and always my heavenly Heaven.”

After it was over we lay in each other’s arms, satisfied, spent, like two small boats caught in a hurricane after they’ve come home to harbor. “Heaven,” Troy asked as he caressed my hair,” how can something so wonderful and good be sinful? It’s a cruel joke that’s been played on us.”
“I don’t care,” I said defiantly. “All I care about is being in your arms and having you hold me tightly to your body. Let’s stay like this until we die.”

Troy laughs and kisses her but then comes back to reality and regrets. He tells Heaven that they shouldn’t have done this and that he’s sorry. Heaven says that she will never be sorry about loving him.


Troy is quick to bring ugly reality back into the picture and how they can’t keep doing this. He doesn’t want to risk Heaven’s marriage or future.  He also doesn’t want their love to become sneaky and ugly. At this point, knowing how sucky Logan will be, I’m totally OK with them running off to be with each other. Especially when you take Heaven and Logan’s fate in Gates of Paradise into consideration.

Reluctantly Heaven agrees with Troy but insists they stay together until morning at least. When morning comes, Heaven leaves while Troy is still sleeping. Heaven feels like she has just been in a dream as she returns to the house. Just as she is about to return to her room, Martha comes out screaming.

Heaven hurries to Jillian’s suite to find her dead. Jillian figured out what the tranquilizers were and overdosed. Tony rushes in and actually seems to be in anguish over her death. They had one strange relationship! Heaven is shocked but tries to comfort poor Martha, who blames herself.

Tony begins to make arrangements, such as calling the doctor and the police. Heaven tells Martha to get dressed and goes to call Logan with the news. He promises to be there as soon as he can.

Heaven cries in her room for Tony, for Troy, for her mother, and then for Jillian. She imagines Jillian knowing that Death was in her room and that she made Him wait as she prepared for it. It’s actually a pretty well done scene.

The servants are all depressed as Tony makes the funeral arrangements. He tells Heaven that Jillian’s siblings will be coming from Texas (Jana is sadly senile and in a home) and will be disappointed when they discover Jillian didn’t leave them anything. He tries to tell Heaven what Jillian left her but Heaven pleads with him that she doesn’t want to hear about it right now.

And of course, even as he is grieving his wife, Tony has to be creepy. Perhaps these little moments are showing how he himself is beginning to lose his sanity.

“How much you look like her now, like her when she was young and very, very beautiful,” he said.
I couldn’t remember when he had last looked at me so intently. It made me uncomfortable.

Leaving Tony to deal, Heaven thinks of Troy and goes to tell him the news, unsure if Tony would have thought to tell him. She finds the cottage locked and has to go through the tunnel to get in. The cottage is empty though there is a note for her on the table.

Troy goes on beautifully about how wonderful it was to be with her and how he found her hair in his bed and is going to keep it in a locket so he will be able to wear something that has a part of her (not sure if sweet or creepy?). He knows about Jillian and fears that he had some part in her death, expressing how badly he felt for punishing her with his appearance.

I expect you and I shall never set eyes upon each other again or touch each other the way we touched each other last night. But the memory of you is so engraved in my heart that I take you with me no matter where I go.

Heaven ends up in the maze sobbing once again. I do not blame her.

Logan returns in Chapter 9 to find Heaven laying in bed, sobbing. She feels guilty when he comforts her because she was crying about Troy, not Jillian. He also steps up and helps out Tony during his time of need.

The funeral turnout is as grand as it had been for the recent wedding reception. Heaven is bothered at how shallow most of them seem to be acting about it, though.

Martha leaves the afternoon after the funeral and promises to stay in touch with Heaven. Heaven also confirms that the piano music that Jillian and Martha had once heard had been real when Martha asks about it.

Heaven gets into bed with Logan and begins to cry for Jillian, Tom, Troy, for everyone she has lost, most of all the innocent girl she used to be and also for Logan. This results in the most intense love making Logan and Heaven have ever had.

“Heaven,” he finally said, putting his hand on my shoulder, “there is something…”

“Shh,” I told him. “Don’t break the spell.”

This part is important foreshadowing for a little later on.

After Jillian’s funeral, Tony begins to change. He begins to look more sloppy, has an intense need to go through old memorabilia, and lets business slip. Logan does what he can to help with the business side of things before returning to Winnerow. Heaven stays behind to help with Tony.

Tony begins to confuse Heaven with Leigh momentarily. Amy Luckett, one of the nicer witches from Winterhaven, comes to visit with Heaven. Their visit consists of Amy trying to get the scoop on why Troy Tatterton “killed himself” and revealing that all of the other girls were and still are jealous of Heaven. Heaven suspects that Amy is jealous as well.

There’s some fat shaming toward Amy that I’m not very comfortable with. The things Heaven says to her is very out of character even if Amy’s visit is bringing up all of the bad memories of Winterhaven. I don’t blame Heaven for being short with her when she asks about Troy’s “suicide”, though.

When Curtis and Tony’s secretary have no idea where Tony is, Heaven becomes very concerned. She finds him in a rocking chair in Troy’s Cottage, facing the fire, but decides to leave him be.

Just after Heaven is showering for dinner, she gets an unexpected phone call. It’s Fanny, who tells her she’s sorry about her grandmother before going into her usual mean sister mode.

“So tell me, Heaven Leigh, are ya pregnant yit? If you were still in the Willies ya would be.”

“No, I’m not, Fanny. I’m not ready yet to start a family.”

“Oh . . . well, I got some news fer ya. I am,” she started gleefully.


“An’ it’s not my fault, Heaven. It’s yer fault.”

Heaven thinks that this is Fanny blaming her about “letting” Luke Casteel sell her to the Reverend and being unable to get her baby back yet again. Poor Heaven. I do not like Fanny at all in this book. Fanny has always had her mean streak but I also felt like deep down she still loved Heaven, at least a little. I felt sorry for her and her bad choices. But in this book, she is a heartless bitch.

“Ya shoulda been here; ya shoulda had more interest,” she said. I didn’t like the light, happy tone in her voice. There was something in it, something quite unexpected.

“Interest? Interest in what? What are you talking about, Fanny?” I asked, trying to sound as bored and disdainful with her little games as I could.

“Interest in yer own man, in Logan,” she declared.

“Logan? What does this have to do with Logan?” I asked her, my heart beginning to pitter-patter.

“It’s Logan who made me pregnat, that’s what, she said. “I’m the one having your husband’s baby, not you.”

Chapter 10 continues with Fanny going on and on about the pregnancy while Heaven is frozen with shock not only that her husband betrayed her but how her sister could, too. Even though Fanny has always been after Logan, it’s still obvious that Heaven never thought she would actually cross the line.

Fanny continues to be a bitch.

“If it’s a boy, I’m a gonna name him Logan,” she said. “And if it’s a girl, I think I’ll name her Heaven.”

Deep down Heaven isn’t sure whether to believe Fanny or not so she calls her bluff. Fanny tells Heaven to ask Logan about it.

“I don’t believe you,” I said weakly.

“Don’tcha? He told me all about yer wonderful suite at Farthy, ‘bout that picture of the Willies ya got hanging’ over the bed, ‘bout—“

“Shut up,” I said. “I don’t want to hear any more of this.”

You go, girl! Of course Fanny won’t.

“Okay, I’ll shut up, but only for now. I’m havin’ Logan’s child and he’s gonna be responsible, ya hear? I want him ta take care of me forever and ever.” She paused. I could barely breathe. “He didn’t even ask me if I had any protection that night. He jus’ took me into his arms and—“

I slammed the phone down, but I imagined that instead of being angry about it, Fanny was probably laughing.

Or fuming. Heaven cries for a bit before realizing that Fanny could be lying after all. She calls at the cabin and factory site but Logan doesn’t answer. She’s able to leave a message with his mother and a few minutes later, Logan returns her call.

“What’s wrong, Heaven? Something with Tony?”

“No, Logan. Something with Fanny,” I said coldly.

“Fanny?” I heard him swallow deeply on the other end of the phone, heard the hesitation in his voice. “Ah…ah…what are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

Daaaamn, Heaven!

Heaven tells Logan that Fanny is pregnant and that she isn’t willing to talk to him about it over the phone. Logan tells her that he will be home immediately.

Afterward she has a lot of feelings about the affair, not only that she was betrayed, but how she had also betrayed Logan with Troy. She tries to sugarcoat her actions because denying Troy would have been wrong and that he was a ghost, after all. While I do find Logan’s actions to be worse since it was with his wife’s sister, Heaven wasn’t perfect either. As Team Troy as I am, I’m going to have to say they were both in the wrong.

Heaven suggests Tony take a vacation. He asks if she would come to but she explains that no, she wouldn’t, because she should be with her husband.

Logan arrives later on and admits to the affair. I do like what he says when Heaven asks him point blank if he “made love” with her sister:

“Make love,” he repeated, sneering. “I’d hardly call what happened between us love.”

Heaven has Logan tell her how the affair happened. I’m not sure I would want to know every little detail but apparently she does. Of course he asks for forgiveness and swears he hasn’t been with Fanny since.

Poor Heaven feels conflicted because her heart is broken yet she knows she also violated her marriage vows. She wonders how Logan would have reacted if the tables had been turned. Given the way Logan treated her for being used by Cal Dennison, I’d say that Heaven is being a whole lot easier on Logan than he would on her!

Logan begins to give Heaven small gifts to win back her forgiveness. One day he comes back to the suite to find Heaven crying and she lets him comfort her and she forgives him. In the morning they return to Winnerow. As Logan goes to the factory site, Heaven goes to see Fanny.

It’s a very awkward part where Fanny is still trying to hurt Heaven. Heaven agrees that they will take care of all of the hospital bills as well as send money for the child (and Fanny). In return, Fanny will stay away from Logan and her money will be cut off if she goes blabbing about who’s baby it is.

“I’m so disappointed in ya, Heaven. I woulda thought ya feel sorry for me. I was the one taken advantage of, ya know. That’s all men kin do is take advantage.”

So much irony here, Fanny.

Fanny goes into her sob story about how she has nothing. Heaven tells her that her life hasn’t always been easy either but Fanny won’t hear of it. Realizing her sister is a lost cause, Heaven decides to leave. Of course Fanny already has a thorn in her sister and has to push it in deeper.

She runs after Heaven to yell that Heaven never wanted her for a sister and that she never cared. Deep down, Heaven knows she isn’t completely wrong. I don’t blame her. I know all too well what that is like! Fanny tells Heaven that she was jealous of her because Pa loved her best. Heaven tells Fanny that she feels sorry for her before leaving.

Next, Heaven has some big news of her own and yet another tragedy strikes!


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