VCA Recaps: Fallen Hearts Part 6

Parts 1, 2, 34, and 5.

This recap will cover Chapter 11 & 12.

Heaven sits down with Logan and tells him about her meeting with Fanny as well as her agreement. Logan tells Heaven he doesn’t want to go to Winnerow without her and suggests they get a house there, that the cabin can be for weekend retreats.

“I just think we need a fresh start here, Heaven, for both of us.”

I actually agree with him on that.

Heaven notices how power and money has changed her husband, who scarily begins to resemble Tony Tatterton in appearance. They set off to buy a house in Winnerow known as the Hasbrouck House, a fairly large place that apparently Heaven and Tom adored even though it was never mentioned in the first book.

Remembering how the owner never gave her a second look as a poor child, Heaven delights in whispering loudly about all of the flaws and the changes she would make to the place. She even manages to haggle the price, which Logan adores her for later on.

Tony is less than happy about the announcement that the two will be living in Winnerow again. Heaven begins to feel exhausted as she begins to order new things for the house. Logan becomes so concerned that he suggests she see a doctor.

Heaven is surprised when the doctor tells her that she is pregnant. She is happy until the doctor tells how how far along the fetus is and she realizes that it might be Troy’s instead of Logan’s. It’s almost like history is repeating itself.

When Heaven returns to Farthy, Logan is on the phone.

“Could you please come up to our suite, Logan? I have something to tell you.”
He covered the phone with his hand. “Can’t it wait a half hour or so, Heaven? I’m in the middle of an important negotiation.”
“Logan Stonewall! You be up in our suite in two minutes!” I ordered. “You’re about to get the biggest acquisition of your life!”

Go, girl!

Logan is ecstatic about the pregnancy. I’d almost feel bad that the baby probably isn’t his if he hadn’t knocked Fanny up. Tony is pretty happy when he hears the news as well.

The three of them go out to a nice restaurant to celebrate. The men tease Heaven about being a “little mother” and burst into laughter anytime she reaches for her champagne glass.

Tony says: “If it’s a boy, I’d love to see you name him Wilfred or Horace, after my great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather.”

Ew, no. Also, maybe it’s just me but I would find it weird if I were Logan and my wife’s step-grandfather was making name suggestions.

“If it’s a girl, I’d like to name her after my granny—Annie,” I told him.

I love how despite knowing that Annie Casteel wasn’t her real grandmother that she still treats her as such.

The three return home to find a distressed Curtis waiting with a telegram. Luke and Stacie Casteel have been killed in a car accident.

Heaven feels faint and goes to sit down in the living room.

“I know it’s terrible news,” Logan said, “but you’ve got to think of your own health and the baby’s.”

Um, she isn’t a piece of china, Logan. Just give her a damn minute to process things.

Poor Heaven reflects on how she had hoped they would eventually reunite and finally be on good, loving terms. The realization that her fantasy will never have a chance to happen brings tears to her eyes. After learning that a drunk driver had killed Luke and Stacie, Heaven thinks of Drake.

Thankfully the little boy had been at home. At hearing that Stacie has no suitable family members to take care of Drake, Heaven assumes responsibility for taking him in. She plans to go to Atlanta immediately to get him.

“Don’t you think, considering your condition, you better leave that business to us? I’ll fly down to Atlanta and—“
“I’m pregnant, Tony,” I interrupted, “not sick or helpless.”

Thank you!

As Logan makes the travel arrangements, Heaven calls Keith and Jane to tell them the news. Since they aren’t close to Luke, they decide not to go and Heaven feels that is best. She phones Fanny next, who takes it more hard. When Heaven tells her that she will take care of everything, of course Fanny decides to get mean.

“Sure yer are,” she said, suddenly turning bitter on me again. “Yer Heaven Leigh Stonewall, the Tatterton Toy Queen. Ya kin take care of everything.”

Heaven and Logan take the next flight to Atlanta. They excuse the nanny from her services right away, who seems happy be leaving soon. Poor Drake is super confused about the absence of his parents. He’s barely five.

Heaven tries to explain to Drake that his parents are in Heaven and that he will be coming to live with her and Logan now. Poor Drake doesn’t seem to totally get it of course and it kind of breaks my heart.

In 12, Heaven, Logan, and Drake go to see Luke’s lawyer, J. Arthur Steine, who turns out to really be working for Tony. Heaven is shocked to learn that Tony had been the one to acquire and sell the circus to Luke for one dollar. Tony has decided to put the circus up for sale now and that the proceeds will go to Drake’s trust fund.

When asked about Drake, Heaven tells Mr. Steine that she wants to take full custody of him. They return to Luke and Stacie’s house to pack a few things. Drake’s favorite toy is a Tatterton Toy fire engine and Heaven tells him that she sent it to him and that they are in charge of the toy factory, a fact that intrigues Drake.

Heaven goes through Luke’s drawers to take important things and finds a clipping of her marriage announcement. She doesn’t understand why he would have this but refuse to go to her wedding. Fanny and Randall Wilcox show up at the house later and Fanny tries to coax Drake to stay with her but he chooses Logan and Heaven.

The funeral is the next morning. All of the people from the circus are there and seeing them helps Drake. He has a moment where he goes to Luke’s closed coffin and knocks on it, asking if his daddy is inside.

The bearded lady comforts and explains the coffin as best she can to a child that small. Fanny and Randall are late to the funeral but Fanny seems to be genuinely grieving for Luke. Heaven and Fanny share a look as they both grieve for their father.

Logan, Heaven, and Drake return to Farthy. Drake is taken with the castle and Heaven gives him a tour. Heaven can’t stop thinking about why Tony was so involved in Luke’s life. Even the telegram earlier had been addressed to Tony and his lawyer was in charge of Luke’s estate.

In the middle of the night Heaven goes to Tony’s office while he is away and looks through his files. She finally finds the circus agreement and learns the truth. In addition to selling the circus to Luke for one dollar, he also had to sever contact with Heaven.

I sat back, too stunned to rage or cry or scream. Too stunned to know how to react. I understood only one thing. Once again Luke had sold me.

Luke Casteel, you bastard.

Next, Heaven confronts Tony about the agreement with Luke Casteel, Tony loses his freaking mind, and Heaven leaves Farthinggale Manor forever.




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