VCA Recaps: Fallen Hearts Part 7

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.


This recap will cover Chapter 13 & 14.
Heaven tends to Drake while Logan prepares to leave for Winnerow to settle some trouble at the factory site. The servants try to make Drake feel at home. Rye makes him a fruit plate that looks like an elephant. Logan can tell that something is up with Heaven before he leaves, telling her that she owes him a penny for her thoughts.

Drake is intrigued by the hedge maze as Heaven continues to show him the grounds later on. She takes Drake out to buy him new clothes and is reminded of her shopping spree with Tony before she went to Winterhaven. Drake begins to warm up to Heaven, even telling her stories at dinner.

After putting Drake to bed, Heaven waits up for Tony. She takes Tony to his office to demand answers concerning the circus. She doesn’t tell him right away about the agreement she found, only that Tony acquired and sold it to Luke for a dollar. Tony tries to play it off as giving Luke a gift in hopes that Heaven would return to Farthy.

When she reveals she found the actual agreement in his office, Tony panics. He admits that it was a terrible thing to do and that he knew it was too late to fix things when the telegram came. Heaven learns that Tony had called Logan before the wedding and found out that she had invited Luke.

Tony admits that he was afraid that she and Luke would make up. So he bought the circus Luke was working at and gave it to him for a dollar and the stipulation concerning Heaven.

Heaven is pissed off now and rightfully so. She yells about how she has been sold and deceived all of her life and is tired of being treated like a thing instead of a person.

“Why must I understand your feelings? When do any of you men understand mine? When do you think of me, and not of yourselves? You and Luke…you were two of a kind. It’s the same thing to buy or sell a person’s love…either one is just as terrible a thing to do.”

She goes on to say that Luke was terrible to agree but wanted the circus so much he was willing to sell any love that he might have possessed for her.

“But you,” I said, pointing my finger at him. “To make such an offer, to appeal to his greed, his passions…you’re like…you’re like the Devil.”

Tony pleads with Heaven and says he only did it because of his love for her!

“I don’t want that kind of love. That’s not love, true and pure, that’s parasitical love, love that feeds off others. You’ve lived a life of lies, Tony. And you’re still living it and it’s made you a very selfish man.”

Heaven continues on how Tony has been manipulating her life and how he let her think that Luke didn’t care about her at all by trapping him with his greed.

“And you let me believe Troy was dead.”

Tony continues to make excuses, blah blah blah. Heaven continues to slay.

“And so he’s gone,” I said softly, “and a love that was truly unselfish has been lost.”

“For all I know, you drove Jillian into her madness,” I said. “And you helped drive Troy into oblivion. Now,” I concluded, standing straight, “you’ve driven me away.”

Tony cries out her name as she turns and runs to her suite to begin packing. She plans to leave with Drake first thing in the morning.

In the middle of the night, Heaven wakes when the door opens and sees someone there. It’s Tony and he calls her Leigh, asking if she’s awake. Heaven can smell the alcohol on his breath and coldly asks him what he wants.

Tony has one of Jillian’s nightgowns in his arms and tells her he brought it for her. He asks her to wear it for him again. Heaven tells him he is drunk and asks him to leave her room. Tony ignores her and shows her a bottle of Jillian’s perfume, which he puts a few drops down the valley of Heaven’s breasts.

Um, Tony, no. STAPH.

Heaven tells him to stop, to get out. Tony ignores her, deluded in his fantasy. He gets into bed with her and starts to kiss her shoulder and push her nightgown away. Heaven pushes him away and claws at him, yelling.

“Get out! Get out! Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you remember that I’m your own daughter and I’m pregnant?”
I slapped him across the face.

Tony snaps out of it.

“My God,” he said. “I thought…”
“You thought? You’re drunk and disgusting! I want you to get out of here. Get out!”

Tony asks her to forgive her, that he was confused. Heaven thinks back to other moments and suddenly all of Tony’s actions and touches seem ugly. She continues to yell at him to get out. Finally he does and she collapses in her bed and begins to cry.

Drake comes in to comfort her and they sleep in the same bed until morning. Heaven gets up early, ready to leave Farthy forever. Logan is confused when Heaven calls to tell him that she and Drake are coming home and promises to tell him everything when they get there.

Curtis is troubled and has Heaven go look in on Tony, who has passed out on Jillian’s bed wearing her nightgown. Heaven tells him that he will be okay. With that, she gets into the car with Drake and doesn’t look back.

In 14, Heaven and Drake arrive at the airport and Logan drives them to Winnerow. Drake brightens because he remembers being here when his dad’s circus was in town. They go to their new home and Drake is instantly taken with the gardener, Mr. Appleberry.

After Drake goes to sleep, Heaven tells Logan about what happened with the circus agreement. Logan understands her anger but makes excuses for Tony. Heaven then tells him how Tony tried to rape her and then drops the bombshell of him being her real father.

Logan reacts poorly, hugging her and saying how he’s sorry. Even Heaven thinks so.

“Is that all you can say about it? You’re sorry?”

Logan admits it sickens him and that he wants to go have it out with Tony. I think most husbands would already be out the door and on their way to beat up Tony, but Logan has no backbone.

Heaven tells him that she doesn’t want him to do that and that he will only be a business partner. Logan promises to take care of everything and also to be more attentive to his marriage and their growing family.

Remembering Luke, Heaven says that he must treat Drake like his own, too. Logan promises that he will.

Heaven and Logan manage to get Drake enrolled in school early even though he’s still a bit young. Heaven is amused at how different the principal, Mr. Meeks, acts now that she and Logan are doing so well. Heaven continues to work on decorating their new home.

One day she walks into the only beauty parlor in town that is of course run by Masie Setterton, who seems surprised to see her. Heaven has her hair dyed back to her natural color. Then she drops by the factory site and Logan sees her. He is overjoyed.

“This is the woman I’ve always loved. Thank you, Heaven.”

Shallow much, Logan? Pretty sure she was the same with blonde hair, but anyway.

Heaven and Logan invite Logan’s parents over for dinner and Loretta insists that Heaven call her Mother. While she knows Loretta only likes her because of her success, Heaven accepts what she can. The poor girl has never had a great mother figure in her life after all. She thinks to all of the “mothers” she’s had in her life.

Heaven and Logan have a huge party to celebrate the opening of the factory, which Heaven insists be called the “Willies Toy Factory,” knowing after what Tony attempted that he won’t fight her on dropping the Tatterton name.

Tony drops by for the party and is stunned to see Heaven has changed her hair back to its natural color.

I could tell he was reading the symbolism of my gesture. I no longer wanted to be associated with the Tattertons. Everything he saw in me now was pure Winnerow Casteel.

Tony tries to make digs at Logan, which Heaven calls him out for. He pleads with her to let him speak to her alone. Rightfully Heaven never wants to be alone with him again. Tony pleads with her to come back to Farthy.

“Besides, Heaven, I think you exaggerated my behavior that night. I was only trying to embrace. I only wanted to love you like a father.”


“Get out of here now,” I said quietly but with ice in my voice. “Leave here this very minute.”

Thankfully he leaves. Later on Heaven starts feeling a little dizzy so she lies down. When she wakes, she soon realizes that Drake is missing. Everyone goes to look for him but there is no sign of him. As the police are called, Heaven realizes that she knows who has taken him; Fanny!

Honestly, my first thought would have been Tony and then Fanny. Both have great motives for snatching the kid.

Next, a very drawn out trial for custody of Drake.


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