VCA Recaps: Fallen Hearts Part 8

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

This recap will cover Chapter 15, 16, and 17.

Heaven goes to confront Fanny, who indeed has Drake. Randall Wilcox is there, too. They have a brief catfight moment before Randall breaks it up. He tells Heaven that Fanny has as much of a right to Drake as she does, which is true but there are better ways to go about it for sure.

Fanny claims she has even more of a right since Luke loved her best and also how she’s told Drake how Heaven hated his dad.

“He thinks ya made his motha and father go to Heaven.”

Fanny has even gotten herself a lawyer named Wendell Burton to get custody of Drake. She and Randall are also getting married. Heaven knows that Fanny is only doing this to get back at her and vows to come after her with all of the power and fury that her money can buy.

Logan of course wants to work things out behind closed doors since his affair will probably get out. He’s worried about what not only the town but his parents will think. Heaven says he didn’t think about them when he was with Fanny.

“I told you how it happened. Do I spend my whole life paying for it?” he whined.

Um, considering you slept with your wife’s sister and knocked her up, YEAH. Good job.

Heaven doesn’t care about their secrets getting out and only wants Drake back. Logan finally agrees that if he can’t get Fanny to agree otherwise that they can go to court.

Steine finds a lawyer for them named Camden Lakewood. News of the custody battle quickly spreads through town. Loretta Stonewall tries to get Heaven to reconsider but finally says she will be there for them in the end when Heaven refuses.

The trial begins and there’s a lot of outfit describing. The ghostwriter really channeled Andrews well here. Mr. Meeks is the first witness, who tells the court how Heaven was a great student and already enrolled Drake into school but also has to reveal that Heaven missed a lot of school (when she had to stay home with Our Jane after Sarah left). What a bitchy move for Fanny to make.

Reverend Wise is called up next who admits to having sex with Fanny and paying her money for their baby. He makes it out as if Fanny was a temptation that the devil put in front of him and his congregation seems to adore him even more for it.

Mrs. Peggy Sue Martin, Fanny’s former landlord, testifies on Fanny’s character of being a prostitute to get rent money. I would feel bad for Fanny if she hadn’t caused all of this out of spite.

Fanny is up next and denies marrying Randall so they would look better for custody. She is asked about marrying Old Mallory as well and how she took Drake from the party without telling anyone else. She is also asked about who’s baby she is carrying.

“It’s his,” she said, pointing toward Logan. “He made me pregnant!”

Heaven glances at Randall, who is shocked. Apparently Fanny told the poor guy otherwise. Fanny also reveals that her father sold her to the reverend and tells a different story than he did concerning the seduction.

Logan and Randall are called as witnesses next. Randall admits that Fanny had told him the child she is carrying was his. He also admits that maybe Fanny got him to marry for her solely to win custody of Drake. I feel sorry for the poor guy.

Things are looking pretty good for Heaven and Logan’s case until they get a phone call from Camden later that night. Logan tells Heaven that Camden has some information that will definitely give Fanny complete custody over Drake.

Dun, dun, dun!

Next, Drake’s custody is settled, babies are born, and Heaven gets a surprise.


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