VCA Recaps: Fallen Hearts Part 9 (Final)

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

This recap will cover Chapter 18 and 19.

Camden arrives to tell Heaven that Fanny knows the truth about Luke Casteel not being Heaven’s father, a move that will definitely give Fanny custody despite everything else.

Apparently Luke had told Tom and he had told Fanny. Heaven realizes that this must be why Tom gave up on all of his dreams. She decides that she is going to go to Fanny herself.

Fanny is alone because Randall is taking some time off to think about whether he wants to stay with her or not. Heaven admits to Fanny that she came to make an offer. She tells Fanny that she will give her one million dollars for Drake. Oh the irony.

Even Fanny is quick to point out how hypocritical Heaven is being. With that she tells Heaven that all she has ever wanted was to be loved like her. She admits that even now Drake still likes Heaven better. Heaven tells Fanny that she just has to let love happen naturally. She also tells Fanny that she has a baby coming and that no one can take it’s love from her and that she will learn how it develops.

“But keeping Drake and trying to force him to love you just so you’ll have someone to love you more than he loves me is not going to make you happy.”

Heaven has a point there. She also tells Fanny that she is sorry for everything, listing off the major points. Just as she is about to leave, Fanny tells her that she can have Drake for the million.

After leaving Fanny, who seems so pitiful that I finally feel sorry for her in this book, Heaven takes Drake home.

In 19, Heaven and the others are doing well. Randall has left Fanny but she oddly doesn’t seem too sad about it at least in public. She drops in to see Drake from time to time. She calls one morning to tell Heaven that her water has broken and she needs Logan to take her to the hospital. Logan insists on taking Heaven as well, which is good since Heaven starts going into labor once they get there.

Fanny is all like: “I’m gonna die from the pain! I’m gonna die! Get me some of those knock-out drugs quick! I wanna be put ta sleep!”


She has a boy, who she decides to name Luke. Heaven has a girl, so her name is Annie. Heaven notices that Annie has hair like Troy’s and Tatterton fingers (not sure you can tell that soon but OK). Fanny and Heaven have a nice moment while they are looking at their babies in the hospital nursery.

Ten days after Annie’s arrival, Logan comes home with a package for Heaven. He opens it for her and it is toy replica of Troy’s cottage and the maze. A mini Troy and Heaven are even inside talking by the fire. Logan seems to have no idea that this is Heaven and Troy, though. He is convinced that Tony has sent it as a way to apologize.

When it is opened, Troy’s favorite Chopin prelude plays. Heaven asks Logan if he will take Annie so she can look at it more closely. He does so and she believes that Troy sent this to acknowledge knowing that Annie is his child. Heaven decides she will put it on a shelf in Annie’s room and one day she will tell her the truth.

Because I would always tell her the truth, the truth that was me. And the truth always heals.

And that’s it! Overall I still really loved this book even though I felt like Heaven was a bit off character at times. She was still strong though and I loved that she and Troy had one last moment together despite my conflict about morals. This one had a ton of family drama in it as well, though I admit the courtroom scenes got a little drawn out for my tastes.

I will be covering Gates of Paradise, which focuses on Heaven’s daughter Annie, in April. Hope that you have enjoyed these recaps. They were a bit time consuming but I ended up really enjoying them!



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