Camp NaNo 2017: Week 2 & 3

Long time, no post. Sorry about that. This Camp NaNo has been difficult. Not only am I suffering from a severe cavity/toothache as well as working overtime, but I also managed to get a sinus infection/cold on Easter Sunday. I am mostly better now but the toothache is still coming and going.

Still, I feel I’ve done pretty well despite missing several days of writing. This morning I had no idea on how I would end Creeper and now I have an outline all the way up to the end. Some of the last part was written without any planning but the rest of the story finally started to fill in for me.

Here are my current stats:

Goal: 30,000 Words.
Total Words Written: 20,899.
Word Count Remaining: 9,101
Days Remaining: 8.


At this rate, I need to write at least 1,012 per day to finish on time. It is estimated that I will finish past my goal but I am hoping to get a lot written tomorrow. Hopefully my body will give me enough of a break to finish. If not, well, I am still proud of what I have been able to accomplish so far.

How is Camp NaNo going for you? I hope it is going well!





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