VCA Recaps: Gates of Paradise Part 2

Part 1 here.

This recap will cover Chapters 5-8.

Annie wakes up two days later and finds herself in a hospital. A older man who introduces himself as Tony Tatterton is sitting beside her. He breaks the news of her parent’s deaths as well as the fact that she has been paralyzed from the waist down.

She is understandably upset but Tony tells her not to worry because he is taking care of everything. Soon she will be transferred to a better hospital in Boston and eventually to recover at Farthinggale Manor. Tony and the doctors are hopeful that one day she will be able to recover the use of her legs.

Aunt Fanny and Luke visit her and meet Tony. Fanny doesn’t hide her dislike of him at all and even Luke seems suspicious. What I want to know is why Heaven would ever allow Tony to control anything in her will. Plot hole?

Anyway, Annie is sad that she is going to miss graduation. Annie has mixed feelings on her cold nurse, Mrs. Broadfield. I did find it weird at how negative she was toward the woman at first simply because she considered her ugly. It kind of makes Annie look like a snob.
 This is Heaven’s daughter? Hm. Then again, Heaven did do some fat shaming back in Fallen Hearts

Annie is transferred to the hospital in Boston and Tony visits her right away. She notices that Tony looks nothing like Drake described and that he looks very well groomed. Drake comes to visit later and tells her that he will be in Boston for the summer because Tony wants him to work at one of his offices. Tony has even gotten him an apartment.

Annie doesn’t care for his happy news and he seems a bit miffed about it. He talks about Farthy, mentioning the cottage, which excites Annie of course. Drake also tells her that Tony once had a younger brother who killed himself.

For the next week or so, Tony brings Annie little surprises like chocolates, flowers, and expensive night gowns. Oh, and jasmine perfume. Because you should totally treat your granddaughter like you would her great-grandmother Jillian (aside from the chocolates I suppose).

Fanny and Luke make the journey to visit her. With Annie’s blessing, Fanny gets permission to care of Hasbrouck House although she rants a bit about how Annie should go back to Winnerow to recover, that she would be kinder than the stuck-up nurse. Annie asks her if she knows why her mother and Tony didn’t get along.

Fanny admits that she doesn’t know because she and Heaven weren’t speaking to one another due to the Drake custody thing at the time but assumed it was because she didn’t like living with him or her crazy grandmother. She even admits that Jillian killed herself as proof that something wasn’t right at that place.

Fanny also thinks that Heaven would have preferred to be buried next to her real mother, a grave that Annie apparently visits from time to time. Fanny is probably right about this. She then admits that Logan would have wanted the big monument Tony had built for him and Heaven at Farthy. She admits that she and Luke has been to it but that they didn’t go into Farthinggale, which reminds her of an old European castle. She seems to find it creepy.

When Fanny leaves to visit the cafeteria, Annie and Luke have a moment to themselves. They talk about their future and also of visiting Farthy. Luke also promises to call the next day to give her his valedictorian speech.

Tony and Drake visit afterward and Tony breaks the news that Annie will be released from the hospital by the end of the week. He also brings her a pearl ring that once belonged to Jillian. Annie doesn’t know how to thank Tony for everything that he has done for her but he tells her that he just wants her to come to Farthinggale and get better.

The next day, Luke calls and gives Annie his speech. In it, he admits that Logan was his father. He also dedicates Graduation Day to Heaven and Logan. Annie begins to cry and Mrs. Broadfield, the nurse comes dashing in to see what the commotion is about.

When Annie keeps crying, Mrs. Broadfield tells her that the phone call has become too upsetting and demands that she hangs up. Annie tells her that she is fine but she does begin to end her conversation with Luke. After she ends the call, Mrs. Broadfield begins to lecture Annie about her emotional state.

Suddenly Annie feels a heaviness on her heart and she passes out as her nurse calls, “STAT!” So dramatic.

Next, Annie is forbidden from any visitors aside from Tony and Drake. She also makes the journey to recuperate at Farthinggale Manor.


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