VCA Recaps: Web of Dreams Part 4

Just like in my previous VCA recaps, these will be full of SPOILERS so do not continue if you do not want to be spoiled/haven’t read it. Thank you!


Part 1 here.

This recap will cover Chapters 16—18.

Jillian goes overboard for Leigh’s 13th birthday party, wanting to impress Leigh’s friends from Winterhaven. Leigh only invites the girls who are still friendly with her, not caring when the others resent her even more. She also invites Joshua and William.

The day of the party arrives and it sounds pretty snazzy. Five piece band, caviar, momentos for guests, and a movie in the private theater that hasn’t even been released yet.

Leigh is annoyed when Jillian seems to brush off Joshua when she introduces him so she does it twice. And of course Jillian still doesn’t give a shit. Leigh shows Joshua her room and “Angel.” She promises to take him to see the English maze and cottage where she modeled later on.

During the movie, Leigh and Joshua sneak away to the maze and then out to the cottage. Leigh is disappointed to see that it is still set up like it was when she was modeling and has to cover a revealing painting of her that Tony did, one that seems new.

Leigh and Joshua end up making out on the couch. Sadly she keeps envisioning Tony’s hands on her so they have to stop. Just as Leigh is reassuring Joshua that it isn’t his fault, Tony bursts in and starts yelling at them.

Joshua is terrified and runs right out. Tony tells Leigh that he won’t tell Jillian but wants to talk about it later. Leigh agrees as she hurries to join Joshua. When they return to the movie, Jennifer and William are making out. Joshua seems very embarrassed about the cottage incident.

He is worried about Tony when he and Leigh part ways. After all of the guests have left, Leigh gets a package from her father (and Mildred). It ends up being a ballet dancer music box. Hmmm, is this a shout out to Flowers in the Attic, maybe?

Tony comes to her room as she is watching the dancer spin and thinking back to other birthdays with her father, happier ones. He is very disheveled. He tries to make small talk before he apologizes for scaring her at the cottage earlier. He also scolds her for leaving during the movie and that he didn’t want Joshua to take advantage of her.

When Leigh protests that Joshua isn’t like that, Tony says that Jillian wants him to help her protect and take care of Leigh. Tony then launches into how Leigh has a power over men just like her mother does. He even takes puts his hand over her breast and Leigh realizes that he is touching her just like Joshua did. She begins to wonder if he was watching them before he came into the cottage.

Tony tells Leigh that she must understand her powers and that she must permit him to let him help her. Leigh, unsure of what to say, tells him that she appreciates his concern for her. When he spots Angel, he talks about how he has captured Leigh’s beauty in it.

Leigh asks him if he is planning another doll and about the painting she saw in the cottage but he assures her it’s old. She isn’t so sure. When she asks him why the cottage is still set up like it was when she was modeling, he says he hadn’t gotten around to it but also likes going back to revel in the time they spent together, which is why he was so upset that she took a “stranger” there.

He pleads with her to ask before bringing anyone else to the cottage in the future. Once he leaves, Leigh calls Joshua to let him know that they didn’t do anything wrong. Afterward, Leigh falls asleep with Angel in her arms.

Jillian finally permits Leigh to stay at Winterhaven during more of the weekends so she can do more with Joshua, Jennifer, and William. Marie and the “special club” soften enough to where they are all talking again.

The portrait dolls become a quick success once they are released, all of the Winterhaven girls wanting their own. Tony does a lot of traveling in the winter. Cleave continues to disappoint Leigh. Tony puts a share of the profits off of the dolls into a trust for her.

In late May Jillian announces she is going a wonder spa in Switzerland to lose the rest of her weight (the measly four pounds?). Leigh is happy that she is allowed to stay at Winterhaven until the end of the school year.

Summer arrives and Leigh returns to Farthy. She and Tony have their first real argument over her not being allowed to invite any friends over until her mother is back. She even leaves the table during dinner and runs up to her room to make her point. Tony claims he doesn’t want to chaperone but I feel he has a more sinister reason for keeping her isolated from her friends.

Leigh begins to feel depressed over not being able to have a normal life. When she looks out of her window and sees Tony heading for the cottage, she becomes curious and decides to go see what he’s doing.

She quietly follows him and peeks into one of the windows of the cottage. The painting she covered is uncovered again and this time Tony has painted himself naked next to the naked portrait of Leigh. She is shocked when he emerges from another room completely naked.

Leigh is pretty upset when she reaches her room again. She is so upset that she takes a bath to feel less dirty. Afterward, she crawls into bed to sleep. She wakes up shortly later to the sound of heavy breathing in the darkness and suddenly sees Tony standing there still naked, staring down at her.

She tries to snap him out of it with questions about his presence there but he wants to “show her, teach her.” The scene is a little more detailed and lengthy than I care for so long story short, the bastard rapes her. He also calls her his portrait doll.

Once he is gone, she hugs Angel to her and returns to sleep. In the morning she wonders if last night was a nightmare but concludes that it wasn’t. Troy later comes in saying that she had promised to go with him on the beach later.

Leigh has little choice but to go down for breakfast. Tony acts like nothing has changed and suggests he may join her and Troy on their walk. Leigh gets upset enough that Troy’s nurse notices but Tony brushes it off and Leigh doesn’t want to actually say what happened out loud in front of Troy and his nurse.

She and Troy go on the beach and end up discussing clouds. Troy is worries about the wind blowing them away but Leigh promises it won’t. Thankfully Tony stays away.

When it becomes dark, Leigh becomes afraid because her bedroom doors don’t have locks. So she decides to go sleep in the only suite that has them—her mother’s room. To feel closer to her mother, she wears one of her nightgowns and sprays some of her jasmine perfume on before going to sleep.

Of course Tony has a key and he confuses Leigh with Jillian at first but when he realizes it’s Leigh, he assumes that she wants to be her mother and rapes her again. But before that happens, Leigh also tells him her mother is lying about her age, the only thing that would hurt her mother, but Tony says he already knows—that he looked into her past after he’d married her.

He is upset that Jillian betrayed him like that. I guess in a way he takes out his anger out on poor Leigh. Which is probably how this started to begin with. Though Tony also seems like he may have been off kilter from the very beginning.

In the morning Leigh returns to her own suite and tells her maid she is ill. She has little appetite when food is brought to her and stays in bed all day. Who can blame her? Jillian later returns and goes right to Leigh’s room because of how worried everyone is and gets angry with her for daring to get sick on her arrival!

It’s all about Jillian in Jillian’s world!

Leigh tries to tell her mother what happened with Tony. Jillian says that Tony told her that Leigh was making advances toward him. He also told her about Leigh pretending to be her in her suite. Leigh is frustrated when she realizes her mother isn’t going to believe her.

She realizes that even though her mother will get half of Tony’s wealth if they divorce, she won’t have her status quo being his wife and that’s what her mother really cares about. Jillian gets angry that Leigh told Tony that she lied about her age to him and doesn’t believe that he already knew. Jillian feels SO betrayed.

Jillian blames Leigh’s behavior on being a woman, on posing nude for Tony, for him being so handsome and available while she was away. She tells Leigh that she will have to learn to control her fantasies and drives.

She also insists that Leigh bathe, dress, and come down for dinner.  When she leaves, Leigh turns to Angel and cries that she wishes the doll could talk so she could tell Jillian as the doll is the only witness. But then she smartly comes to the conclusion that even if she could, her mother still wouldn’t believe her.

A lot happened in those two chapters so I’m going to end it here. I’ll probably finish up the rest of the book in the next recap! I’ve finished the book by now but I did really enjoy it, though it is very depressing and hard to read at times. Poor Leigh!

Next, Leigh discovers something terrible enough that she is sure her mother will have to believe her about Tony!







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