Camp NaNo July 2017 Announcement

In April, I used Camp NaNo to finally finish my novel, Creeper, which had previously been two short stories with a conclusion in mind. Since I did pretty well with that, I thought I would try it again since I’m having trouble getting motivated on my own.

The last time I did both sessions of Camp NaNo, it was disastrous but I feel like I can swing both if I keep my goals smaller. I’m thinking I will do 30K with this one as well. It also helps that I have a week off in July.

So for July Camp NaNo, I will be re-writing Whispertown with a goal of 30K. I have been wanting to work on this and I hope it will motivate me to do so next month. I’m excited to see how the story I love hopefully become even better. I feel like Whispertown is an important and relevant story, especially as of late.

Whispertown is about a teenage girl named Cassie who finds herself pregnant after being sexually assaulted by her boyfriend, who also happens to be the local pastor’s son. Not quite sure how to handle the situation in her small, conservative town, she battles with whether to stay and face the judgments of others or leave town.
Here’s the updated cover, which I created in Adobe Illustrator:
Are you participating in Camp NaNo? If so, what is your story about? Best of luck!

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