Camp NaNo 2017 Session #2: Week 1


So far the second session of Camp NaNoWriMo is going well even though I have only written four out of eight days. I haven’t made too many changes to my re-write but I like the changes I have made and once I finish this draft, I plan to do another with major plot changes just to see how a certain direction turns out.

Here are my current stats:

Goal: 30,000 Words.
Total Words Written: 13,371.
Word Count Remaining: 16,629.
Days Remaining: 22.

So I am about halfway through with my goal. If I finish it, I plan to keep going until the end of the month. I had this week off and even though I kept fairly busy with decluttering my junk room and running errands, I still managed to get a good bit of writing done.

I return to work on Monday and I have already checked my e-mail to see that it’s probably going to be a rough week. But I am still confident that I will still be able to make my goal! And if I somehow manage to finish editing the entire book, great! At least it has gotten me motivated to work on this project again. I’d forgotten just how much I love these characters and story.

How is Camp NaNo going for you? I hope it is going well!





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