Camp NaNo 2017 Session #2: Week 4


Camp NaNoWriMo is over and somehow I wrote over 12K today. Yeah, I’m not sure how that happened, either. I planned to stop but it was hard to so I rolled with it. I didn’t really get anything else done today but that’s OK. The re-write/edit of Whispertown is finished!

Here are my final stats:

Goal: 30,000 Words.
Total Words Written: 51,138.
Word Count Remaining: 0.
Days Remaining: 0.


I am thrilled that I managed to finish. It was unexpected. I plan to take a short break before looking over some notes from my beta reader and then I will make a few changes here and there. Despite all of the edits, some scenes still need some work. I think my character voice has improved a lot, though.

I can’t wait to do another draft of this where the plot changes. Should be an interesting adventure!

How did you do for Camp NaNo? If you made (or went over) your goal, Congrats! If you didn’t but still wrote something, Congrats! Every word written is another step to success! I have loved doing both sessions of Camp NaNo and can’t wait for NaNoWriMo. I have a really fun story idea and can’t wait to start writing it!

Expect more regular posts in August. Unless we decide to move, and then I’ll let you know.





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