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Peace Represent Cover

Peace Represent (finished, major editing complete)

Synopsis: After Peace Dawson’s life changes, she finds herself losing hope and her faith. Not only does she find herself struggling with poverty and alcoholic parents, but also with a new boyfriend who may or may not be part of gang, conflicts with friends, and whether or not God exists.


Faith, Love, & Peace Cover

Faith, Love, & Peace (finished, unedited, Camp NaNoWriMo 2012)

Synopsis: Armed with new friends and her rediscovered faith, Peace Dawson finally feels like she is in control of her life. With her senior year approaching, she has to excel to have the chance at a future. But will her alcoholic parents and a new love interest get in her way?

A sequel to Peace Represent.


Whispertown Cover

Whispertown (finished, Re-wrote for NaNoWriMo 2013)

Synopsis: When Cassie discovers she’s pregnant in her small, conservative town, she must decide  whether to stay and face judgment or leave it all behind.


Whispers of the Heart Cover

Whispers of the Heart (finished, unedited)

Synopsis: For six years, I’ve been waiting to learn who my father really is. Now I know the truth; my father is a rapist. On her sixteenth birthday, Hanna Taylor finally learns the truth about her real father. She is stunned to learn that she is the result of a rape.

When her cousin, Mitchell, surprises her with a two-week long vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Hanna is thrilled to be getting away. She soon realizes that she can’t get her rapist father out of her head.

After a close friend betrays her, Hanna finally decides that she has to meet the man who hurt her mother. To ask him why he did it, even though she probably wouldn’t be here otherwise. She convinces her cousin to take her out to meet her real father, but nothing can prepare her for what she finds. This is the sequel to Whispertown.


As Hearts Do Cover

As Hearts Do (finished, unedited)

Synopsis: Claire’s done with romance. She’s seen way too many broken relationships–including her parent’s, which is beginning to take a toll on her. Her future plans that don’t include a high school romance are suddenly compromised when her best friend not only guilts her into attending a school dance but also by matching her up with a date–who’s just as persistent as she is, only in the opposite way. Will she be able to resist against the temptation of letting him win her over?


Shades of Genesis Cover

Shades of Genesis (finished, unedited, NaNoWriMo 2011)

Synopsis: What would you do if you were never allowed to think for yourself? Genesis McCoy was taught to never question in her house, where everything was either black or white. Everything in her life has always been challenged by her extreme Christian parents, whether it be Sex Ed, “inappropriate” reading material at school, or the kinds of movies and music Genesis’ peers were into.

Then she meets Haven, the guy who will turn her entire world upside-down as he encourages her to act on her instincts to question the world around her and everything she’s ever known. Even if it costs her the loss of her family.


Karen's Not Home Cover

Karen’s Not Home  (ON HOLD)

Synopsis: No one knows what happened to Karen Logan, the teenager who disappeared on her way home from school. Five years later, her cousin comes to visit Karen’s family for the summer while her mother pieces her life back together. Karen’s cousin starts finding clues about what really happened to Karen.


Strawberry Sunrises Cover

Strawberry Sunrises (finished, unedited, NaNoWriMo 2012)

Synopsis: A coming-of-age story in which Elena Rettore and her family visit Sholten, Georgia, during the summer before she starts high school. Along with new friendships and changes, Elena also has to face a tragedy. The summer before her senior year, she returns to Sholten to face her demons and move on with her life.


Student 58 Cover

Student 58 (finished, major editing complete, short story)

Synopsis: Graduation is one day no one should go unnoticed. On the day of her graduation, Amy realizes that her graduating class is ignoring her. Amy is determined to find out why. Was it something she said? Was it something she did?


Lost and Found Cover

Lost and Found (finished, major editing complete, short story, made the Top 5 on HarperCollins former writing site,

Synopsis: “Dude, honestly? You’re going to find her cat so she notices you? That sounds like the lamest plan ever.”

Noah’s been infatuated with Willow Marriott from the start.When her beloved cat goes missing, he decides that this is his chance to win her over. After all, how hard could finding a little fluffball be?


Matt's Girl Cover

Matt’s Girl (finished, unedited)

Synopsis:  Jenna is the happiest girl in the world. She has an idyllic life with a normal family, best friend, and a boyfriend who means everything to her. When her best friend tries to help her discover the truth about herself, Jenna’s world begins to dissolve around her.


Creeper Cover

Creeper (finished, unedited, short story)

Synopsis: When I first met Riley, I was flattered. He thought I was beautiful. He thought I was interesting. When he asked me out, I promised I would try to win over my overprotective parents. The next day, Riley told me that he loved me. Now I can’t get him out of my life.



You Know You Love Me (finished, unedited)

Synopsis: My name is Riley Emerson and I am NOT a creeper. Things just got out of hand. Now I’m starting over in a new place, and there’s a new love in my life. Things are going to be different this time. I just know it.

You Know You Love Me is the sequel to Creeper.



Cluttered (finished, unedited, Camp NaNo 2013)

Synopsis: I just want to be a normal teenager.

I want to be able to have friends over for birthday parties and sleepovers and just because. I want to stop having to constantly worry about my little brother and sister. I want to live in a normal house where people can actually move without bumping into things.

I just want to live without the clutter.



Scattered (ON HOLD)

Synopsis: Sequel to Cluttered.





Synopsis: Five girls. Five friends. Five secrets. What happens when the secrets start to fly?



Mock Book Cover for The Birthday Bash
Mock Book Cover for The Birthday Bash

The Birthday Bash (finished, unedited, Camp NaNoWriMo 2014)

Synopsis: Two teenagers seek revenge on their classmates in the most brutal of ways.




Our Reasons (finished, edited, NaNoWriMo 2014)

Synopsis:  Battling depression, Maddie makes a list of reasons to convince herself why suicide would be the best solution to all of her problems. She is horrified when she realizes she’s left her list in a returned library book.

When one of her classmates, Garrett, discovers the list, he tracks down the author and begins a tentative friendship with her. Once Garrett realizes how serious her suicide list is, he decides to come up with a list of his own. A list of reasons to stay.



Evil in the Walls (future project, NaNoWriMo 2015)

Synopsis:  After a young girl’s grandmother dies, she and her family move in to a hotel only to discover terror.



Future Works

UnSeen Cupid – A girl dies on Valentine’s Day before a big dance and comes back as a ghost in order to ensure that her sweetheart gets over her.


7 thoughts on “Works

    1. No problem. My fiance’ has ADHD/ADD so I’m very interested in becoming more educated. I have a blog (Managing ADHD Chaos) dedicated to living with an ADHD/ADD partner as well because there doesn’t seem to be much information on what us partners can do to help organize, understand, and cope.

  1. Aw, thanks. 🙂 You know, I used to NEVER be able to finish anything until I joined inkpop. So I can totally feel you there. Before I joined a writing site and had others to write with, I was constantly changing ideas and hardly ever finishing anything. I think short stories are definitely the way to go if you find it hard to finish something. Once you can do that, then I suggest tackling things like novels. I hope they will. Should be fun, too.

    1. Hi J.M.!

      Yes, I am doing NaNoWriMo this year. I won’t be writing anything new, though–I’m going to edit/re-write Whispertown so I can hopefully start querying it soon.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope to be able to post work again one day OR have my work published so they can be read. Whichever comes first. 🙂

      Are you doing NaNoWriMo?

      – J.N.

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