June Writing & Reading Goals Check (July Goals)

Last month I decided to do a post with a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in the coming month. Let’s see how I did.


Read Alice in Wonderland for my classic book

✓ Finish editing the second part of Creeper
Read at least 8 books

PitMad Evil in the Walls

✓ do book pictures for the month


I accomplished most of my goals for the month. I’ve been finding it difficult to get inspired to edit and when I was ready, of course my computer had to be sent off to the Apple store. I’ve started editing though and I have plans to do book pictures before the end of the week. So I’m not too behind on my goals. I also read ten books this month so I’m doing pretty well with my yearly reading challenge.


Here’s my goals for next month:



✓ Read The Martian Chronicles for my classic book
✓ Finish editing the second part of Creeper
✓ Read at least 8 books
✓ Read End of Watch for my TBR
✓ Read The Witches for my TBR
✓ do book pictures for the month


I’m almost finished with End of Watch so I don’t think that will be a problem!


Wish me luck!


I’ve also uploaded a few of my works onto Wattpad. You’ll need an account to read and comment (and please star it if you enjoy what you’re reading) but here are the direct links to each story:










What I’m Working On: September 2013 Update


Hey guys. Since I just took a week long vacation, I haven’t gotten to any querying or agent research yet and figured it had been a while since I’d updated you on my writing news. I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of things. I hope to send in a few queries in the next few weeks, however. I’ve already got my eye on a few. 🙂

I also haven’t written anything since a few days before my vacation. I just haven’t had the time. I have about 24% of Scattered, the sequel to my hoarding story, Cluttered, completed. I’m thinking that I may put Scattered on hold and work on Karen’s Not Home again since October is quickly approaching and it is a scary story. I’m a huge fan of all things Fall and Halloween, so October is going to be a busy month full of those kind of things. Might as well write about it too, eh?

In November, I’ll be editing and re-writing Whispertown because it needs it and because I’d like to query that next year. Other than that, I have no definite writing plans. My goals are basically to edit and re-write Whispertown, finish Scattered, send Peace Represent queries out, and possibly finish Karen’s Not Home.

I’m also going to work on some new buttons for the blog–something that better matches my blog signature font.


New Blog Schedule & Updates

Hey guys! Well, I finished Cluttered within the thirty-one day deadline for Camp NaNo. Feeling pretty good about the results.

With that being said, I am taking a short break from working on any major projects until November. In the meantime, I am going to finish my query letter and start sending it out. I already have a few places to send it, and will hopefully find more as I’m able to get back to researching.

To give me plenty of time to succeed at my querying goals, I will be cutting back on the blog.


Here is what the new blogging schedule will consist of:

Start of the month–Writing Prompt

Day 1–Book Recommendation of the Week
Day 2–Book Review
Day 3-Book Vs the Movie
Day 4–Book Review
Day 5–Querying News/Updates

End of the Month–Writing Prompt Results Posted

I plan to host another book giveaway in September.

My Goals for the rest of 2013:

1. Write and polish query letter.
2. Send query letter to researched agencies.
3. Continue to research agencies.
4. Work on writing prompts and blog posts.
5. Work on Karen’s Not Home during September & October.
6. Re-write/Edit Whispertown for November NaNoWriMo.
7. Plan for next year’s goals.


Camp NaNo Day 30


Camp NaNo Day 30

Word Count Goal: 50,000.
Words Written: 3,581.
Remaining Words: 0!
Mood: Tired/Accomplished.
Feelings About Novel: Cluttered is finished and I have went past the 50K goal. Yeah!
Days Remaining: 1.

Total Word Count: 50,198 words.

I did it!