My Writing Process



Mariella tagged me to do the writing process blog hop. We are to write a post about our writing process and tag three friends to participate in the telling of theirs.


This is basically how mine goes:


 Title and original idea comes to mind.

Once I decide to write the idea, I do a character sketch and basic outline of the plot (I tend to have the entire story mapped out before I begin writing).

Sometimes I build a casting call to better picture my characters.

I also design a mock cover to go with the story. It makes the idea feel more “real.”

I begin writing.

I tend to keep myself motivated by making and listening to a playlist full of songs that remind me/go with my book. I also WW (word war) with others, which is helpful (and you also get to see what others are writing).

The time it takes me to finish my book depends, though I have always managed to complete Camp NaNo (except one time when I tried doing both months and only completed one) and November NaNoWriMo. I tend to complete most of my works. Those that I do not I try to come back to later.

Once the book is completed, I let it sit for a while (months to years).

In the meantime, I send the book to any interested readers and sometimes they send me feedback, which I save to use for editing.

After some time, I become motivated to begin editing and re-writing. Sometimes I do the re-write for NaNo.

After the re-write is complete, I let it sit for a few more months before editing again. Depending on the book, I may edit or re-write it again after more months pass (for example, I have re-written/edited Peace Represent multiple times while I have only done so with Whispertown about twice).

  Once I feel the book is ready, I begin querying. At this point, I consider the book “finished.”


I make all of my mock covers in Photoshop. I use Scrivener as my main writing program, though I have been known to write in Wordpad, Notepad, e-mail drafts, whatever I have access to at the time. I used to hand write but I found it difficult for my hand to keep up with my brain so I prefer typing. But I will write by hand if needed. When I was younger, I wrote on a word processor/typewriter. Which is fun but sucks for edits.

I tend to have the same beta readers, but Isabel Davis is my preferred beta reader. She’s read and helped me edit most of my work for years. I am deeply grateful for her help over the years. Many thanks also go to the other readers, as well as anyone who motivates me to keep going by asking me about my work, wanting to talk about it, and wanting to read it.

Now I tag Kazul, Evie Jay, and Kaila. Can’t wait to hear what your writing processes are!





What I’m Working On: March 2014 Update #2


Hey guys!

So I’m almost done with the second part of Chalts. I’ve decided not to do Camp NaNo for April. Maybe later. I really want to finish Chalts now if possible. I am going to participate in #PitMad if possible this Tuesday. Details HERE.

Other than that, I haven’t had much else going on though I think I’m going to start querying Whispertown and put Peace Represent on the back burner for now since I haven’t really heard anything back from the queries I’ve sent out.  I watched  The Book Thief recently so keep an eye out for this week’s Book vs Movie post!


What I’m Working On: March 2014 Update


Hey guys! Thanks for sticking with me.

It’s still been a pretty busy for me, but I’m trying my best to keep writing and posting. I’m on the second part of Chalts. There will be at least five parts–one for each girl. I’m still enjoying the re-write. This is more of a fun project for me before I delve into something else or decide to do a re-write of a previous work.

I also entered Whispertown into Pitch Madness today. There’s still a few hours left to enter if you’re interested. Details HERE.

I plan to return to Book vs Movie posts again this week now that I have some movies lined up to watch. Again, totally open to suggestions. I also hope to finish up my querying for Peace Represent this month. Camp NaNo starts next month but I’m undecided on whether I want to participate or not.


Writing Tip: Writing Exercise #4: Writing in Verse


Hey guys. I’ve decided that for a while, I’m going to continue with just writing exercises. I find them more fun than the tips. However, if you have any ideas for tips that you’d like to see, please DO leave me a comment!

Writing Exercise #4: Write a short prompt in verse form (like Ellen Hopkins, author of CRANK, uses).






I decided to take my first few paragraphs from Peace Represent and re-write them in verse.


I’m laying on my bed


When I hear the gunshots outside.

I shoot up

Press the book to my chest

The sound seems to echo

In my ears.

My heart is pounding





I sit there

Too frozen to do anything

But listen

No other sounds come.

My muscles begin to relax.

I lay back down

Turning onto my side.

My heart still pounding

So hard that

It is the only sound

Filling my head.





How did you do? Feel free to share!



What I’m Working On: Feb 2014 Update


It’s been an extremely hectic month. In between having my laptop charger die and having to work a lot, I’ve also been working on a new fitness plan for myself, started an Etsy store, and am still working on Chalts. Sadly I have not gotten any more queries sent out nor have I finished my synopsis yet. I’m hoping things will calm down a little so I can get back into that. I would ideally like to continue querying Peace Represent until I have a chance to look over and edit Whispertown one more time. Just a quick edit–no more re-writes!

So far I have over 12K of Chalts, though. I’m having a lot of fun with the re-write and the story is much better than is used to be.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been working on writing-wise. I need to take another peak at this year’s writing goals and make sure I’m not too far behind my original schedule. Thank you for sticking with me minus the somewhat hectic posting schedule. I ❤ you!



What I’m Working On: January 2014 Update #2


Since I haven’t really done any more querying (I know, shame on me!), I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been working on.

Last time I posted how I was about to start re-writing a project I wrote back in high school called CHALTS. It’s about five teenage girls who befriend one another despite their differences and learn one another’s deepest secrets during an English assignment. It was hard to get back into planning and writing. Maybe the Whispertown edit for NaNo wore me out?

Anyway, here’s the old cover. Yes, I drew the characters. It’s one thing I actually really like about the project.

Original copy of CHALTS.
Original copy of CHALTS.

I made a new working cover for it. Not quite as personable, but I like it well enough. At least until I think of something better.


I’ve finished part of the outline for this, updated the characters–I changed Terry’s spelling to Terri and Honey’s name to Hayleigh. I’ve also changed some of their secrets and personal details. Some are only shells of their old characters, but it needed to be done. I’ve almost finished the first chapter, too. I still need to finish the overall outline of where I want the book to go, but so far it’s going a bit more smoothly now that I’ve got it going.

I’m going to work on sending out more queries for Peace Represent. I did find a new agent to query to on Twitter. Maybe if I keep her agent page up, I’ll be motivated. I might start editing Whispertown next month, or maybe in March. I’m finding myself really eager to query it. Maybe because it’s my favorite work ❤


NaNoWriMo 2013 Plans

Hey guys. I thought I’d go into more detail concerning my plans for this year’s NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is a national writing month competition that is held each year during November. The goal is to complete a fifty thousand word novel within thirty days. There are sometimes prizes and goodies, but the real prize is the work itself. A lot of people hate on the event because they believe it produces rushed, terrible writing. While this may sometimes be true, I don’t think any of my works has ever been flawless in the first draft–that’s what revisions are for.

I love NaNoWriMo because it pushes me to make time to write each day, or at least as much as possible. Even if the writing isn’t fantastic, I always have plans to edit later on. It’s also fun because you can interact with other participants. This will be my third year. Previous years I completed Shades of Genesis and Strawberry Sunrises. This year I am going to re-write Whispertown.

Why? As much as I would love to write something new, I know Whispertown needs a serious edit and NaNoWriMo is the perfect time to do it. I plan to tear the book apart and completely re-write it. Sure, I’ll keep some scenes, but there’s also a lot of new ones I will be adding, or some that I will be changing. I want to have Whispertown finished so I can begin querying with it as well. As much as I love Peace Represent, I feel that Whispertown will appeal more to readers. At least this seemed to be the case on Wattpad.

During the month of November, I will be posting daily (if possible) about my progress with NaNo. All my regular posts (with perhaps the exception of Book Reviews, as I need to catch up) will be suspended until the event is over. I need to save my energy for my book, after all. I’d also like to do some posts concerning NaNoWriMo and how I prepare for the event, so stay tuned.


Are you participating? If so, what will you be writing? I’d love to hear from you!