Books in September 2016

For 2016, I have challenged myself to read 100 books. In September, I read eleven!


My birthday is September and the birth stone is sapphire, which is my favorite gemstone and color so I thought it would be fun to do blue books for this month.


Favorite: Cress by Marissa Meyer
Classic: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Least Liked: I Know It’s Over by C.K. Kelly Martin



I really enjoyed the 4th One Piece manga, both Animorphs books, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Gilt Hollow. Into the Wild, The Raft, Don’t Stay Up Late, and I Know It’s Over were okay, but probably not books I’d ever read again.




My favorite read for September 2016.


My classic read for September 2016.


Review book for September.

What did you read in September and what were your favorites?




Books in July 2016

For 2016, I have challenged myself to read 100 books. In July, I read nine books.


Favorite: End of Watch by Stephen King
Classic: The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury
Least Liked: Allegiant by Veronica Roth



Everything else was good as well. I really liked Caravel, Scarlet, The Witches and Pretty Little Secrets.



My favorite read for July 2016.


My classic read for July 2016.


I was also lucky enough to receive this ARC. It was pretty good!



What did you read in July and what were your favorites?



Book Review–The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena (Goosebumps #38) by R.L. Stine



This is the 97th book from my 114 in 2014 Reading Challenge.


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The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena (Goosebumps #38) by R.L. Stine
Published 1995 by Scholastic



Jordan Blake and his sister, Nicole, are sick of the hot weather in Pasadena. Just once they’d like to have a real winter. A real winter with real snow.

And then it happens. The Blakes are off to Alaska! Seems that Mr. Blake has been asked to photograph a mysterious snow creature there.

Poor Jordan and Nicole. They just wanted to see snow. But now they’re being chased by a monstrous creature. A big furry-faced creature…known as the Abominable Snowman!




Not one of my favorites, but still a fun winter-themed read. I thought the snowball twist was a nice touch.










Book Review–A Midsummer Night’s Scream by R.L. Stine




This is the 69th book from my 114 in 2014 Reading Challenge.



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A Midsummer Night’s Scream by R.L. Stine
  Published July 2nd 2013 by Feiwel & Friends


Oh, what fools these actors be!

it was a horror movie that turned into real horror: Three young actors lost their lives while the cameras rolled. Production stopped, and people proclaimed the movie was cursed.

Now, sixty years later, new actors are venturing onto the haunted set. In a desperate attempt to revive their failing studio, Claire’s dad has green-lit a remake of Mayhem Manor, and Claire and her friends are dying to be involved.

At first, Claire laughs at Jake’s talk of ghosts and curses. He’s been too busy crushing on her best friend, Delia, or making out with that slut, Annalee, to notice that she’s practically been throwing herself at him. What does he know anyway? This is her big chance to be a star!

But then, Claire runs into a creepy little man named Benny Puckerman, and gets her hands on a real love potion! Unfortunately, the course of true love never did run smooth…

Get ready for laughter to turn into screams as the Grandmaster of Horror, R.L. Stine, takes on the Master of Theater in this modern reimagining of Shakespeare’s classic romantic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.



When I first saw this book, I was hours away from meeting R.L. Stine, whose books and writing I fell in love with when I was in fourth grade. I almost considered buying it because it looked interesting, and I pretty much love most of Stine’s work. Now I’m very glad that I didn’t. It makes me sad, though, because the author is a really sweet guy and I’ve never read anything that disappointed me as much. Even Dangerous Girls and Red Rain, which I didn’t care a whole lot for, didn’t disappoint me like this.

I appreciated that the characters were more modern. However, I didn’t like or could connect with a single one of them. Some even annoyed me, including the main character. I just didn’t care enough about this characters and whether they lived or died.

The premise itself was interesting in the beginning but ended up being way too predictable. Especially the Puck thing. It was a little amusing that Claire couldn’t remember his role in the story despite having read the play a year before. I haven’t read it in years yet I still remember his role.

I was also shocked by the slut shaming in this book. If you’re reading this, R.L. Stine, please, please, please don’t do this again. It was the most disappointing at all. A single comment would have been fine, but it seemed that several were made and I honestly couldn’t tell if this was supposed to be a character trait, the author’s opinion, or just an attempt to make things more modern–and that’s the problem.

This was a quick read, as most of his books are, but I just couldn’t get into it at all. I finished it, but would definitely never buy or re-read.








Book Recommendation: The Haunted Mask II by R.L. Stine


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A few weeks ago, I recommended Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask. I also recommend the second book, The Haunted Mask II.  In a way, I kind of enjoyed it more than the original. If you liked the first, you’ll probably enjoy this one, too.




Just call him prune face!
Steve Boswell will never forget Carly Beth’s Halloween mask. It was so gross. So terrifying.
But this year Steve wants to have the scariest costume on the block. So he gets a mask from the same store where Carly Beth got hers. It looks like a creepy old man. With stringy hair. A wrinkled face. And spiders crawling out of the ears!
Steve’s definitely got the scariest mask around. Too bad he’s starting to feel so old. And so tired. And so evil . . . .






Book Recommendation: The Haunted Mask by R.L. Stine


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While Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask is geared more toward middle grade readers, it’s one of those childhood books that I can enjoy even as an adult. While these books never scared me, I have always loved them. If you have kids in your life who like spooky stories, they might enjoy this one. And if you’ve never read it, maybe you’ll like it, too, no matter what your age.




A young girl purchases the most frighteningly lifelike Halloween mask and then, to her horror, discovers that she is unable to remove it from her face.






Book Review–Egg Monsters from Mars by R.L. Stine



This is the 24th book from my 114 in 2014 Reading Challenge.

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Picture Souce:

Egg Monsters from Mars by R.L. Stine
Published 1996 by Scholastic Inc.


An egg hunt. That’s what Dana Johnson’s bratty little sister, Brandy, wants to have at her birthday party. And whatever Brandy wants, Brandy gets. Dana’s not big on egg hunts. But that was before he found The Egg. It’s not like a normal egg. It’s about the size of a softball. It’s covered with ugly blue and purple veins. And it’s starting to hatch…



I really loved this one when I was younger. Since it’s sort of Easter-y and I met R.L. Stine last Saturday, I decided it might be fun to re-read this.

This is probably still one of my favorites. I liked Dana as a character and the whole Easter-egg party was a pretty cool idea. Then there’s the egg monsters, who I also thought were cool and the sort of Goosebumps monsters I wouldn’t mind meeting.

The only thing that made me shake my head in disbelief was the ending. Though to be fair, it’s also an ending I’m sure readers won’t see coming at all.

Reading this was like saying hello again to an old friend!