Camp NaNo July 2017 Announcement

In April, I used Camp NaNo to finally finish my novel, Creeper, which had previously been two short stories with a conclusion in mind. Since I did pretty well with that, I thought I would try it again since I’m having trouble getting motivated on my own.

The last time I did both sessions of Camp NaNo, it was disastrous but I feel like I can swing both if I keep my goals smaller. I’m thinking I will do 30K with this one as well. It also helps that I have a week off in July.

So for July Camp NaNo, I will be re-writing Whispertown with a goal of 30K. I have been wanting to work on this and I hope it will motivate me to do so next month. I’m excited to see how the story I love hopefully become even better. I feel like Whispertown is an important and relevant story, especially as of late.

Whispertown is about a teenage girl named Cassie who finds herself pregnant after being sexually assaulted by her boyfriend, who also happens to be the local pastor’s son. Not quite sure how to handle the situation in her small, conservative town, she battles with whether to stay and face the judgments of others or leave town.
Here’s the updated cover, which I created in Adobe Illustrator:
Are you participating in Camp NaNo? If so, what is your story about? Best of luck!

May Writing & Reading Goals Check (June Goals)

Last month I decided to do a post with a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in the coming month. Let’s see how I did.


✓ Read at least 6 books
✓ Read Dandelion Wine for my classic book
✓ Work on Whispertown re-write
✓ Read Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
✓ Read Web of Dreams
✓ Read Stars Above
✓ Read Six of Crows
✓ Read The Forbidden Wish
✓  Do Book Pics
Web of Dreams recap

The only thing I finished for Whispertown was a new cover, which I reveal later on. I started Six of Crows near the end of the month but didn’t get too far so I guess I’ll finish that one for June. I planned to do my Book Pics today but I ended up having to cancel them for now. I’m hoping to finish them in a few days, though.

Here’s my goals for next month:


✓ Read at least six books
✓ Read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for my classic book
✓  Work on Whispertown re-write
✓  Read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
✓  Read My Sweet Audrina
✓  Read Blood Red Road
✓  Read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
✓  Do #PitMad on June 8
✓  Finish Six of Crows
✓  Do Book Pics

What were your goals for May? Did you meet any of them? What are your plans for June?





2017 Writing Goals

Last year was not a great year overall when it came to writing. I’m pretty sure the only major achievement was writing Not My Fault for NaNoWriMo, and starting on the re-write of Creeper. I miss writing and need to make more time for it. I’m hoping that I will be ready to begin thinking about publishing this year or next. Whether it’s traditional or self-published will just depend on how the year goes.

My goals for 2017:

* Finish Creeper re-write.

* Continue to enter Twitter writing events such as Pitch Wars, Pitch Madness, #PitMad, etc.

*  Re-write Whispertown.

*  Re-write/edit Our Reasons.

* Re-write/edit Evil in the Walls.

* Write something new

* Begin researching serious publishing options
Those are going to be my main goals this year. I really want to work on fine-tuning these stories and hopefully find a publisher for at least one of them. If not, then I will more than likely look into self-publishing.

I’m sure most writers have fantasized about becoming famous because of their books and I’m no exception, but over the last few years that dream has changed. Now my only wish is to share my stories with the world and see them on bookshelves, whether on readers or those in stores. I miss readers so much.

Hopefully 2017 will be a more productive writing & editing year than 2016 was!



June Writing & Reading Goals Check (July Goals)

Last month I decided to do a post with a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in the coming month. Let’s see how I did.


Read Alice in Wonderland for my classic book

✓ Finish editing the second part of Creeper
Read at least 8 books

PitMad Evil in the Walls

✓ do book pictures for the month


I accomplished most of my goals for the month. I’ve been finding it difficult to get inspired to edit and when I was ready, of course my computer had to be sent off to the Apple store. I’ve started editing though and I have plans to do book pictures before the end of the week. So I’m not too behind on my goals. I also read ten books this month so I’m doing pretty well with my yearly reading challenge.


Here’s my goals for next month:



✓ Read The Martian Chronicles for my classic book
✓ Finish editing the second part of Creeper
✓ Read at least 8 books
✓ Read End of Watch for my TBR
✓ Read The Witches for my TBR
✓ do book pictures for the month


I’m almost finished with End of Watch so I don’t think that will be a problem!


Wish me luck!


I’ve also uploaded a few of my works onto Wattpad. You’ll need an account to read and comment (and please star it if you enjoy what you’re reading) but here are the direct links to each story:









What I’m Working On: February 2015 Update #3



Hi guys. I got the date mixed up for Pitch Madness, so sadly Our Reasons didn’t make it in time for submissions. Thankfully #PitMad is on March 11th so I don’t have to wait too long to pitch. I’ve finished editing the content and format, and have several Twitter pitches ready to go. This time I will make sure I don’t forget it.

I’ve also started to edit/re-write Creeper. So far I think it’s going to be even better than it was before. The actual short story publication will probably be at the end of this year or maybe the beginning of next year since I have to finish editing/re-writing the first two stories plus write and edit the third, along with all the other projects I have going on. I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s my revised writing goals for this year (subject to change):

-Edit Creeper in Feb-March
-Submit Our Reasons to PitMad on March 11
-Submit Our Reasons to Swoon Reads if Pit Mad is unsuccessful
-Edit You Know You Love Me in March/May
-Write Recovery in March/May/June
-Edit/Re-write The Birthday Bash for Camp NaNo in April
-Submit The Birthday Bash to PitMad on June 4
-Finish CHALTS in June–July
-Edit Recovery in July
-Format e-book/physical formats and order physical proofs for Creeper short story collection in August & September
-Submit The Birthday Bash to PitMad on September 10
-Set short story publishing date for Creeper collection
-Strengthen beginning of Whispertown in August–October
-Write hotel horror story for NaNoWriMo in November
-Submit Whispertown for PitMad on December 4

So that’s

*3 short stories (2 re-writes/edits and 1 new with edit/rewrites)
*1 re-write/edit novel
*1 new novel
*Finishing last year’s novel (which is about 80-90% completed already)
*Editing part of a edited/re-written novel
*Formatting short story collection for publication
*Submitting pitches and excerpts for 4 PitMad sessions

It may seem like a lot, and maybe it is, but I’m going to do what I can. If something doesn’t get done, there’s always next year.



Welcome, 2015 (My Plans & Blog Changes)


Welcome, 2015!

Hi guys! You may have noticed a few changes on the blog. I’ve been updating it for 2015. I will also be changing the blog schedule again.


This year I will be posting less(only four times per week regularly) than before in order to get more projects completed. Thank you for understanding.

Day 1–Book Review

Day 2–Book Vs Movie

Day 3–Book Review

Day 4–What I’m Working On

* During the months of Camp NaNo and NaNoWriMo, the blog schedule may change or be disregarded.


2015 Reading/Writing Goals:

1. Read 115 Books.
2. Review 115 Books.
3. Enter Creeper in a Short Story Contest.
4. Edit Our Reasons.
5. Enter Our Reasons for Pitch Madness in Feb
6. If time, write UnSeen Cupid short story
7. Submit Our Reasons to Swoon Reads if Pitch Madness is unsuccessful.
8. Strengthen Beginning of Whispertown.
9. Submit Whispertown to PitMad in March.
10. Edit The Birthday Bash for Camp NaNo in April.
11. Submit Birthday Bash to PitMad in June.
12. Finish CHALTS in June/July.
13. Work on/Finish Karen’s Not Home for August–October.
14. Submit Birthday Bash to PitMad in September.
15. Write new horror story for NaNoWriMo.
16. Submit something for PitMad in December.
17. Query Whispertown and The Birthday Bash.
18. Simplify Blog Schedule.

As you can see, I intend to stay very busy this year. Thank you for sticking with me and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings. I hope it brings good and productive things to your life as well!


What I’m Working On: December 2014



Since finishing Our Reasons, I really haven’t been working on anything new. I do have some tentative plans for 2015, though. With Christmas and everything, I probably won’t work on anything until it’s over. I might not even work on anything until January. I’ll just have to see how things go.


Here’s my tentative goals for early 2015:


* Begin editing Our Reasons


*If time, write UnSeen Cupid as a short story for Valentine’s Day

* Finish (hopefully) editing Our Reasons by Feb. 20

*Submit Our Reasons for Pitch Madness on Feb. 23

*Submit Our Reasons to Swoon Reads if Pitch Madness is unsuccessful.

*Work on the beginning of Whispertown


*Re-submit Whispertown to PitMad on March 11


My basic plan for 2015 is to mostly edit. I want to have more options for querying as well as submitting to contests. I will probably also start querying for Whispertown again after I have strengthened the beginning (tips I got from agents who were interested).


Since I have no plans to work on anything for the rest of this month, I will probably be skipping these posts until the new year.

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