A easy-to-find directory of resources that have been covered on my blog. The following includes writing prompts and tips, as well as information on querying and agents.


October: Write a Halloween themed short story or poem.

December: Write a Christmas (or other winter holiday) themed short story or poem.

January: Use a picture to to inspire a story or poem.

Feburary: Write a “love” story.

March: Write a story about created characters.

April: Write a story based off of a song.

May: Write without planning.


Improve your descriptions.

Write realistic dialogue. 

Give NaNoWriMo a chance. 

Show, Don’t Tell.

Creating character profiles.

Get to know your characters better.

How to regain inspiration.

Read a lot and write a lot.

Don’t overuse words like “very.”

Get off the net!

Some Tips from Kurt Vonnegut

Use Spellcheck and Double-Check your Content

Give your Characters a Back Story

A Tip from Ernest Hemingway

How to Write a Love Triangle

Coming Up With Your Idea


The First Chapter

First Person POV

Third Person POV (Limited & Omniscient)

All About Voice

Writing Flashbacks


Developing a Plot

Preparing for #PitMad

Entering Twitter Contests

Reading Out Loud to Catch Errors

Writing Exercise #1: Using Correct Punctuation

Writing Exercise #2: Different POVs

Writing Exercise #3: Tenses

Writing Exercise #4: Writing in Verse

Writing Exercise #5: Run-Ons

Writing Exercise #6: Fun with the Alphabet

Writing Exercise #7: Mad Libs

Writing Exercise #8: Write about an Emotional Event

Writing Exercise #9: Use Body Language to Express Emotion

Writing Exercise #10: Write About Weather

Writing Exercise #11: Write a Short Story using Random Words

Writing Exercise #12: Imagine a Back Story Based on Something You Witness

Writing Exercise #13: Color Descriptions
Preparing for Camp NaNo


Fiction Writer’s To-Do List

Query Tips

Young-Adult Books

Questions for Agents


How to get an Agent

Where to find Agents

Writing Killer Query Letters

Signing on the Dotted Line

What Happens After You Get an Agent

How Authors Make Money

Good Things About Rejection Letters

Does Agent Location Matter?

Sometimes it’s the Timing

Agents’ Views on Self-Publishing

Agents’ Pet Peeves

More Agents’ Pet Peeves


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